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Hi, your local gremlin Sash here. Currently studying Landscape architecture, with my main hobby being digital art. I don't rp all that often anymore, but my dm's are open if you have any inquiries about anything, really.

Also I have a heap of characters over at my TH, though I don't really know which to transfer over here.

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Hey guys, Sash is awesome. Enjoyable as hell to hang out with, a mind-blowingly skilled artist whose work never fails to inspire me, and a wizard with creative character concepts. Heck yeah. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Hooke
I have watched Sasheth grow for quite a while now. Her art has done nothing but skyrocket and it will continue to get even better. I am baffled by her ability to paint beautifully. Sasheth is a very selfless person, providing beautiful artwork to friends. When I felt down she drew me an awesome picture. Sasheth also has a fantastic array of characters that are far from typical. Please check them out! - InquisitorCat

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