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Hi, your local gremlin Sash here. Currently studying Landscape architecture, with my main hobby being digital art. I don't rp all that often anymore, but my dm's are open if you have any inquiries about anything, really.

Also I have a heap of characters over at my TH, though I don't really know which to transfer over here.

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Sasheth's artistic abilities continue to impress me! I've commissioned her for artwork and the process was smooth, quick and left me with an amazing piece that I'm proud to display to the world. I highly recommend her for commissions! - Sanne

She doesn't log on much here on RPR. She gonna make me get Discord one of these days. It might actually be worth it, she's super dope and have lots of great characters and her art makes me jelly. If you catch her somewhere, shoot her a message. She's cool. - Banshee

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