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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: May 31

Just your friendly role-playing artist over here~

If any of my characters catch your eye feel free to message me, or if you'd perhaps like to see more of my art you can find it here!

Rave Reviews

  • As silly as it may be, I always giggle at the cartoon of me brewing while wearing a dress. Sasheth certainly didn't have to, but she drew me a picture that was rather touching and heartwarming, and I'll always cherish it and the kindness and humor that it showed
    -- JayBird

    She doesn't log on much here on RPR. She gonna make me get Discord one of these days. It might actually be worth it, she's super dope and have lots of great characters and her art makes me jelly. If you catch her somewhere, shoot her a message. She's cool.
    -- Spook

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