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Hi, I'm sash ye' local trashcan goblin dweller. I'm currently studying Landscape architecture at nmbu and my main hobby is digital art. Tbh I don't really rp much anymore as I get anxious about it hella easily, but yeah I do have more art over here if anyone's interested. :^)

Also I have a heap of characters over at my TH, though I don't really know which to transfer over here.

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I have watched Sasheth grow for quite a while now. Her art has done nothing but skyrocket and it will continue to get even better. I am baffled by her ability to paint beautifully. Sasheth is a very selfless person, providing beautiful artwork to friends. When I felt down she drew me an awesome picture. Sasheth also has a fantastic array of characters that are far from typical. Please check them out! - InquisitorCat
Sasheth, an incredibly fun and friendly person to roleplay with. With great posts and great ideas, she's very clever at writing and plotting, and comes up with neat and very diverse characters. I've really enjoyed roleplaying with her.

She's also totally rad in the chat, and her artwork's fantastic. - Loren

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