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rp info cause people keep sliding into my dms and getting disappointed

I like to word vomit. My posts range from 1.5k all the way up to 4k+. I don't like limiting myself and enjoy writing as much as I want to...for better or for worse. You can refer to my style as a grotesque bastard love child between Tolkien and Gibson.

I write only in cyberpunk, dystopian, or apocalyptic genres unless otherwise advertised.

I am most comfortable writing with other sapphic individuals, mainly because all of my girls are the Big Gay™. That's not to say I won't write with people outside that, just that I usually reserve romantic plots for fellow sapphs. smallprint exceptions may apply

I do not write erotic content in any way, shape, or form. I am staunchly aroace and have no interest in it. It's on the same tier of awkwardness as watching a no-filter-all-balls sex scene in a movie when there's a family member sitting right next to you.

1-2 posts a week.

I keep a diverse cast of characters from different cultures, ethnicities, and sexualities, and am frankly only interested in writing with other people who can do the same. if ur cast is nothing but white hetero american women we probably do not vibe

RP is a hobby for me, and just a hobby. I don't take it or myself seriously. It's not a lifestyle or something foundational to my life. At the end of the day, I write to challenge myself, explore new territory, and also have some fun. I enjoy researching history, scientific topics, cultural nuances and lifestyles - not getting into beef over time between posts or because someone didn't do something 100% accurately. it's all chill bros don't stress, we're just two strangers writing glorified fanfiction, it's neither a competition nor a phd thesis presentation

Should you like a writing sample, check the second page of Ekaterina's profile. It contains miscellaneous solo writing endeavors from the past year.


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