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Looking for RPs: maybe <3
PM me and we can talk!

I no longer join groups based on very specific canon and strict roleplay worlds, I've had far too many bad experiences with admins and members of these types of groups.

Hello and welcome to my profile! You can refer to me as my username, Sauron, or ask me for my name in PM. I am also not opposed to whatever nicknames may arise due to OOC communication and in fact I encourage it, because who doesn't find nicknames fun?


If you can't tell already (by my username) I happen to have quite the love for things based around Tolkien's middle-earth. I am always open to gushing about any of the books and movies, as I do enjoy both! I especially love The Hobbit movies, Bilbo is definitely my favorite hobbit.
In fact im sure you will notice that 98% of my muse is for characters that are based in fantasy worlds, some similar to Middle-Earth, as fantasy is my all-time favorite genre. I love that you can quite literally shape a fantasy world into whatever you want; add your own races and groups of people, create your own landscapes/terrains/Plant-life/etc. I adore the world-building aspects of it all!

Speaking of my love for Tolkien, heres some more information about myself! Hopefully I don't bore you guys while you read through.


I am 22 years old and I have been writing for a little over nine or ten years now and I consider myself to be rather advanced, and I much prefer to write with those who share a similar level in writing as me but please don't let this discourage you from messaging me! Who knows, we may be more compatible in writing than we both think, but you never know until you message me <3 I may ask for an example or two of your writing and I will be leaving some examples of my own at the very bottom of my profile!

I will only do paragraph format written in third person point of view and I much prefer that my partners stick with this writing style as well, as its harder for me to really keep interest when reading a reply written in other points of view, especially first person! I will not do one-liners, though I don't ask for novels I do prefer at the very least 3 well written paragraphs per reply. At times my muse is higher for our plot/characters I can go from 3-6+ paragraphs.
Detail!! I love detail, I love to feel what the characters are feeling, I love to feel the atmosphere between them, to be able to paint the perfect image in my mind due to the amount of detail given. I myself pack as much detail as I can into my replies, its one way to really keep me interested. Throw in all the details you want! The color of the lights around them, what the sky looks like, what your character is thinking even if my character is unaware of it!

Below you can find some more info about me contained in collapse spoilers, please be sure to read through them all!


Favored genres/Settings
* Fantasy worlds are always a sure win with me, I adore them
* Preferably non-modern settings, especially when doing fantasy
* Romance of course is welcome, but please don't force me from my comfort zone! Right now I will mainly only be doing M/M romances for various personal reasons, minus a few disliked tropes which can be discussed in PM (i will not write yaoi tropes and dislike the terms uke/seme/seke, i will not write those kind of stereotypes)
* Adventure! Lets take out characters on a long journey to find treasure, a lost artifact, to destroy some kind of enemy, etc
* Comedy, a dash of comedy to give the plot a light hearted feeling between characters when its appropriate is always a necessity with me
* Please note that this doesn't mean I wont RP other genres/settings, just please understand that I can't promise it'll have my interest!

Writing example 1
The city was always alive with light; The glowing colors of signs flashing open in the latest hours of night, the skyscrapers with lights at their very tops of shining through windows, or the flashes of lights attached to the wings of plans like colored fireflies high in the sky for all to admire. There was never truly a dark moment, never once was he left in the dark without a clue of where to go. At least not back home, even his own penthouse was filled to the brim with lights of varying colors he could change with the simple press of a control. He'd grown use to it, almost expected it to be the same no matter where he was or went. Even when he was away from home for work usually his job only led him to some other city, a mirror image of the one he'd left from to arrive there. Always light. Never stuck in the dark. Oh, but out here? It was like a giant shadow encased the entire land, forbidding it from any light other than the moon's pale rays and the faint glow of stars dotting the black skies above him. It was almost like he was in his own horror movie, like the killer or creature would jump out in front of his headlights at any given moment to claim him as their next victim. But that was foolish, because in a sense wasn't he the one who'd be labeled the creature in this story? Far from human despite his appearance. Behind those thick blond locks of hair, behind the thin curved frame of his body there was a secret that most didn't know. A secret of what Angel really was. A being able to shift on a whim, to turn into a true animal if he so chose to. However it was thanks to this that the darkness surrounding him wasn't too big of a deal, not entirely. His pale eyes, so silver they could almost be mistaken as white if the light hit them at just the right angle, could see rather well in the dark. The sight of a wolf was something to be amazed with, and living in the city he tends to forget how grateful he should be for his extra senses and abilities. There were so many more though- Great eyesight in the dark, great hearing, a sense of smell that could sometimes come as a pain in the ass but made it easy to detect certain people or creatures nearby. There was one thing he didn't have though, and that was the ability to create a signal for his phone long enough to get his damn GPS to work.

"You have got to be ****ing kidding me," The blond huffed, one hand on the wheel of his car while the other was reaching out a bit to the side to tap at the frozen loading screen across his phone. The signal had cut out some time ago and the GPS cut out with it, making it damn near impossible to find out where he needed to go. Which direction would get him out of the middle of nowhere. But no matter how many times he restarted the thing, tapped at it with pure agitation he simply couldn't get it. It was a dumb idea on his part anyways, he should have known better than to of thought his signal would last through a place that was only forest for miles on end. Why did he have to go out to design a cabin of all things? Oh well, he supposed that the job was worth it, he did an amazing job after all. He was sure that newlywed couple would be praising him for the decor he chose, "You win this time," Angel sighed softy at his phone before completely focusing on the road once more long enough to pull over to the side. Luckily for him there was absolutely no one else driving on the road, at least not that he had seen the entire time he was on it. Thankfully for him his father gave it some thought and insisted on the young were taking a map, which he pulled from the glove department in front of the empty passenger side seat. After undoing his seatbelt he moved so that he was halfway out of the car, getting a bit of fresh air as he looked over the directions inked out in red marker by his father. However his attention was quickly brought up from the map when a small breeze brought a rather chilling scent to him.

Angel practically froze in place as his pale eyes looked up and out to the dense woods right in front of him at the side of the road. He wanted to say it was impossible but surely he knew better, it was the woods after all and another werewolf being nearby shouldn't be so shocking- but maybe it was the fact that he could smell blood of all things lingering with it. Fresh. As if the were was hurt, because he couldn't catch the scent of anything else nearby that could possibly be the source. Slowly he stepped out of his car, leaving the map on his drivers seat. "Hello?" He called out, in case whoever it was could be close enough to hear him, to call out and confirm they needed help. But it never came, and he started to curse under his breath for wearing heels because he knew that this meant he would have to go searching through the woods for whoever it was. Not that it would be hard.. it also wouldn't be hard to just leave whoever it was to bleed out but maybe it was just his instincts, knowing it was another werewolf out there injured. Ah, not that he would have the heart to leave anyone out in the woods to bleed out if he could help them.
Taking the keys from the ignition he made sure that everything else was in the car before shutting the drivers side door, then making his way around to the trunk and clicking a button on the keys to pop it open. He knew he could reply on his natural sight but it wasn't as keen as he would like for this kind of situation in his human form, but lucky for him he had a flashlight in the trunk he carried in case of any kind of emergency. Once he pulled it out and switched it on he shut the trunk and headed out, already knowing his ankles were going to be sore as hell by the time he was through trudging through the muddy woodland floor in four inch heels.But hey, if he could go through a whole work day of nothing but standing wearing them then surely he could get through this.

Following the scent he carefully maneuvered through the trees, his sweater hanging a tad bit from his shoulders catching on the occasional low branch or large bush but easily pulling away with a small tug. "Hello?" He called out again, listening carefully for any kind of response. Now, he didn't hear any verbal reply but.. he heard something very close, something moving. No, it had fallen. That was the sound of something hitting the ground. Angel, despite having to pause every few seconds to get his shoes unstuck from a muddier part of the ground, rushed to the area where the scent of blood was strongest. What he saw left him.. in pure shock. He had expected some blood, maybe a were with a cut or good gash but this poor man was badly injured, battered so badly it made Angel's stomach drop. The blond had never found himself in this type of situation before, never had to handle this kind of situation- he knew that a were's ability to heal was great, but this poor man needed out of the elements as soon as possible or he wasn't sure this strange were's healing factor would have much luck helping him. "Oh my gods," He breathed out, the beams of his flashlight falling as he dropped the thing. He stepped closer and kneeled down onto the ground next to the other male. There was always the possibility this man could attack him, could jump up and take a chunk out of his neck, sure.. this could be Angel walking right up to death's door but by the looks of it this poor thing was in no condition to much of anything. Besides, instinct told him the were was no danger, not right now. Both hands reached out to lift the man's head, "Hey," He called out, "You.. Dammit, come on you need to say something-" He insisted, gently setting the man's head down now so that he could give his shoulders a good shake. "Hey!" He called out again, a bit louder. The only chance he had to help this man was to get him to his car, but there was no way he could get this man to his feet all on his own, not without some kind of help. "Come on, I need you so stand.. I can help you get to my car but I need you to wake up and at least stand.."

Writing example 2
Why?, he couldn't help but to mentally question to himself as cinnamon eyes watched the familiar scenery pass him by- or more accurately, he passed it by. Sure, time had brought some change but hardly so. At least not enough for any of it to become unrecognizable to Marcellus. He'd passed these towns, these houses and buildings many tomes in childhood but a feeling that once brought him joy was replaced with a sorrowful nostalgia. Even the smells were familiar to him and he knew this was perhaps a mistake, pressing down onto the tiny button that sent the window slowly inching down with a soft 'Vrrr', the familiar air hitting him now like a cascading wave. It seemed his breath was lost to him for a moment but the brunette hadn't even noticed until he was drawn from his melancholic watch of the passing scenery by the sound of a deep voice. Looking towards the front driver's seat he half expected to see his father sitting there, expected to hear his father's voice ask if he wanted to play one of those silly little car games until they arrived. But no, not only was it not his father, he knew well that was impossible. The man had passed tears ago and of all those passed he's spoken to, seen, not once had he ever been granted a visit from his deceased parents. Perhaps it was for the best. Why was he putting himself through this?

"We're about fifteen minutes out, Mr. Rosslin," The cab driver informed, offering a friendly smile from the reflective surface of the rearview mirror hanging from its place by the windshield. He was a man no older than Marcellus himself, perhaps I'm his early thirties? Neatly combed blond hair and blue eyes, a rather charming looking man. Friendly too, which anyone could appreciate. As his blue hues quickly looked back to the rather empty road ahead he spoke once again, "Need to make any last minutes stops before we arrive?" The driver asked. A reasonable question, one that should have easily been answered and yet Marcellus was silent for a moment longer than what he meant to be.

Did he need to stop anywhere? The obvious answer was no, because he'd been meticulous with his packing and he wasn't feeling hungry. With a glance to the padded animal carrier next to him he could also see there was no need to stop for the two cats fast asleep inside. The two sphinx cats, siblings at that, curled up against one another in a cuddle that had a smile finally tugging against the corners of Marcellus' painted lips. A dark shade of purple, like a deep plum color that seemed to suite his tan complexion rather perfectly. One of his favorites colors to use. But he hardly cared about his lipstick right now as he finally turned his cinnamon gaze back to the driver, "No, thank you," He assured with a polite smile, "We're practically there already, no need to make any unnecessary stops now." Or was it because he knew he'd want to run, run back to his home miles and miles away from this place. Fearful of the memories he knew it'd bring, though sadly he also knew there was no escaping these sorts of things. No one could run from this kind of pain forever.

Fifteen minutes felt like an eternity as they ticked by. Marcellus found he was now avoiding his gaze shifting back towards the still opened window, the air and familiar sounds of the city taunting him like ghosts of memories past. An ironic metaphor. There was a knot in his stomach as he felt himself just slightly lean forward when the brakes were pressed. This was the final stop, he knew, but Gods he found it hard even now to look to the home. Though on the outside it would be impossible to tell so much anxiety was coursing through the seemingly composed young man. With lightly frizzy hair falling over the black fabric of his shirt, which made an elongated V down along Marcellus' chest, flowing silken pants that matched. He was a vision of elegance, but on the inside a hurricane of nerves brewed. Of all he's faced, of all he's seen, why was it his own memories he feared the most? Well, he couldn't simply hide out in the cab for all his life.

Taking I'm a soft though deep breath he reached blindly for the handle, popping open the right side passenger door. Even as he stepped out of the vehicle he could only do so much to avoid looking, so in an attempt to get the hardest part done and over with soonest he forced a glance towards the brownstone home. Beautiful, as beautiful as he remembered it in childhood. A hand came up to hold against his chest, the breath he'd been holding now slipping quietly passed slightly parted lips. This was practically another home to him at one point. A place he and his parents visited often to escape the troubles or stress of others, and the stress of his father's work. That's why he was here now! To escape the world he knew back home for a little while, but he hasn't realized how painful his return would be at first.

What drew him from his prolonged gaze was the sound of small meows. "Oh," He muttered, looking to the cab driver now standing next to him with the cat carrier in one hand and Marcellus' single suitcase in the other. "Thank you, but there was no need to trouble yourself." Though with a friendly shrug of the blonds shoulders Marcellus knew apologizing for the trouble was no use. Again, the other's kindness was certainly making his return to his family's vacation home all the easier.

It didn't take long for Marcellus to approach the steps now, already the flashback of a young boy similar to himself rushing up them in excitement flickering past his thoughts. But he still forced himself forward and unlocked the door with a tiny silver key. As he pushed the door open he could practically hear the sound of a young boy's laughter followed by the gentle singing of a woman's voice, the faint ghost of a man speaking in the background. But these weren't ghosts, these weren't spirits making themselves known. These were memories, memories that refused to let Marcellus forget. Which was good, really, because no memory was truly worth losing. No matter the pain of which it caused its holder.

Dust covered most of the surfaces as he walked through the door, the barely visible rays of sunlight trying to sneak in past drawn curtains created an almost hazy image of the open entry way. Still, he pushed on, stepping out of the way as the blond cab driver entered with the but of luggage brought along with Marcellus. It wasn't much but they were all the essentials he felt he needed to bring along with him; clothes, lipsticks of his preferred colors, toothbrush, shampoo.. Little things, and what he didn't pack he could buy from one of the stores he knew lingered nearby. Then next was perhaps the most important to him, and those were the two now purring little critters standing in the carrier, ready to stretch their legs. Venus and Serena. The two felines were as close to family as he had anymore, but family they were. Like Marcellus' children.

Making his way back over he kneeled down onto one knee, "Yes, dears," He cooed very gently to them as he opened the door of the carrier, "Go explore, I will have your things set up soon." Marcellus assured them with a few gentle strokes to their backs before allowing them to rush off in their curiosity, making their first trip up the stairway. Standing once more he looked to the driver, "Thank you." He said, wasting no time in retrieving his wallet from one of the front pockets if his suitcase. The goodbye was short as he handed over the owed money, returning his wallet to the pocket once again before securing the door shut yet again. Now silence fell over him, ominously so- his cinnamon eyes pressed shut tightly, forehead against the wood of the door as he tried to avoid it. The small ache in his chest as he was left alone to the melancholy of the building. Why here of all places did he choose to take a vacation? Perhaps because deep down he knew he couldn't avoid it forever. But as he forced himself to turn and face the truth that filled this house; beyond dust, dim rays of sunlight, and old pictures hung along the wall. The truths of memories is what filled this building.

No, he couldn't focus solely on this. It would do him no good. Bringing a slender hand to his forehead he let out a small sigh, forcing himself to focus on something else. Anything else! And then, letting his hand fall, he silently stared for a moment. 'A good cleaning,' he decided to himself, 'That might lighten this place up.' And so he dug his cell phone out from the suitcase, pressing the small button on the side and watching as his screen illuminated.

"Yes," Marcellus spoke into the phone, sitting now on one of the lower steps of the slightly spiraled staircase. A cleaning service, well more like maid service, was nearby. A relief to the young brunette as he knew he'd have to step out soon to fetch what other belongings he knew he'd need for his first night in the house, and he'd hardly have any time to clean it himself with the running about. "Three O'clock works fine, I'll leave the spare key under doormat." And with that the session for cleaning the home was made, and that meant he had no worries. He'd leave the spare key, therefore he didn't need to be there to let them in once they arrived, which also meant he had as long as necessary to run his brief errands. With a sigh he stood, picking up the long black cigarette holder from the spot next to him.

It was as he went to light the cigarette placed at the end of the holder that he heard a familiar Click of an opening door. The front door, to be a bit more exact. A heavy feeling came over Marcellus, eery. The hairs on his arms and the back of his neck tingled as they stood on end. Something was off, he could sense it. With the holder still between his fingers he laid his arm at his side, stepping around the banister railing of the staircase and taking a brief turn only to be met with an unexpected view. An elderly woman, long and scraggly grey hair, and eyes that looked as if they were beginning to loose most of their sight. The woman seemed to be staring straight at the brunette silently, only feeding into the feeling of ill ease. "Ma'am," Marcellus called out, though hesitantly. She was no spirit, that much he could easily tell, but yet he still sened something about her. Something that made him.. Incredibly uncomfortable. But still, what if she merely needed his help? "Are you los-" He couldn't even finish his sentence before the woman took a stride forward.

Yelling, before he knew it she began to tell. Not anger, nor frustration, but it seemed in fear. Not of herself but.. The woman's words startled the brunette so much so that he took a stumbling step backwards, a hand at his chest after dropping the cigarette holder to the floor with a soft clink. "You shouldn't have come back!" She insisted, now throwing her arms in the air as if to emphasize her words. "They'll find you now, they'll found you![" She wailed, "Not safe!"

What in the hell this woman was going on about Marcellus had no clue, but on instinct he hurried back to the bottom step to retrieve the phone he'd left behind on its wooden surface. Scrambling to unlock it he continued to ask himself now more than ever; Why? Why had he allowed himself to come here of all places. He wasn't left with much time to ponder it all for too long as he heard the voice of the 9-1-1 operator come through the other end. Though as he began to try and give a description of what was going on the old woman screamed yet again, but not a warning.. More so someway to help? Or so she made it sound. Something about a deli, and NYC. What it all meant he didn't know- but this woman seemed to think this danger she spoke of, his only chance to get out of it alive was to go there. To go there and ask for the help of another.. Javier? No, Ja.. Jabir- She merely repeated the name, over and over.

Why had fate allowed him to place himself such a situation? All he knew is that he could hear the sound of police sirens in the distance, hoping the unwelcomed scene would be out to an end soon enough.

Writing example 3
Thick crimson trickled down from his pale lips, he could feel it just lingering there and it disgusted him but what else was he to do? Perhaps let himself starve, but even then would it truly be his death? He did not know but many times he had considered it; depriving his hunger that sweet burn of warm blood against his tongue and throat, no matter how his gums might ache as his teeth craved the feeling of penetrating the throat of another- But his hunger was a beast in itself. Untamed, out of control, and what has brought the freshly sired vampire to hate what he has become. There were many who may find themselves in relief at being turned, death was easily escaped and illness was impossible in the life of a vampire, but eternity was long and if he was to be cursed with the inability to control his hunger for all eternity he did not wish to live it. Though given the circumstances it seemed he had no choice. What a cruel fate it was to be sired and left without word, without warning- The anguish he has felt these past few months has been unlike any other and if he could feel pain surely he would feel the ache of his heart, something that now stayed still and cold in the cage of his chest.

However he'd realized not so long ago that despite all that had been striped from him the ability to cry remained, though not quite how some might imagine. His tears had been replaced with blood, and even now as he stumbled through the fog these blood tears blurred the vision of his honey gold eyes. A hand, with nails oh so slightly pointed, came to rest at the base of his throat as if he were going to be sick at the very though of what he'd dome only mere moments ago. It was as if all his senses went blank the moment his hunger spiked. As his slender fingers seemed to curl around his throat now he felt such immense regret for taking yet another life. If he knew how to hold back, knew when he'd had enough and was able to stop himself. Was it because he was still so new to it all, so freshly turned? He wasn't sure but Zaharia knew one thing and that was his inability to stop from weeping at what he'd once again done.

Stumbling through the dense fog, leaves crunching beneath the weight of his feet as he simply walked without knowing exactly where his destination would be. So long he was far from any living creature he was content, relieved in knowing he could at least then be free from the claws his hunger had dug so deeply into him. There was no sense of where he was at but it didn't bother him for he'd been wandering aimlessly since that fateful night. Where was he suppose to go anyhow? There was no home for him, there never had been and even more so now. Of course he had found refuge here and there to remain out of sight of the sun, for he had learned quickly the way it would now burn away at his skin and though at times he wished for his immortal life to end he did not have the strength to suffer such a fate as burning away. You see, he has found himself in quite a troublesome predicament in his life.. Or lack thereof.

Eventually, with bloody tears staining his ironically sun-kissed cheeks, his complexion having been little affected by his turning, he had caught the sound of another's steps. It caused his own to halt, one of his ragged and dirty white sleeves coming up to wipe vigorously at his face and now only further staining the fabric with red blood. His eyes, now wide, watched for an approaching figure through the fog but as he did he noticed the steps stop. Oddest though was that despite another so close his hunger seemed quiet, typically insatiable, and his brows furrowed in confusion. Zaharia dared to step further towards where he'd originally heard the steps coming from. To whom he was approaching surely he would look nothing short of a monster; blood still smeared against his face, his clothes tattered and stained, and of all things he was keeping hidden among the fog.

As the figure of another came into his like of sight he paused. This was a daring gesture, to be so close to a living being. "Noaptea este periculoasă," He called out, his mother language rolling off his tongue with utter grace as he let himself fall to his knees. His chocolate locks fell into his face as he hung his head in nothing but shame. As he spoke next it was not in his mother language, but still thick with his Romanian accent, "Only monsters come out at night." The vampire said, eventually letting himself fall to the side and slump against a tree to his side. Now silent all Zaharia could do was wait and hope silently that the other did not approach, and that his hunger would show mercy.

Some rules for writing with me
* I do not write with those under 18, please respect this
* Erotic scenes are fine when its right for the moment/plot but please don't make it the ONLY focus unless its necessary for the plot/parts of the plot
* There must be some kind of OOC communication! I like to chat with my RP partners, whether its about mundane things or gushing over our plot/thinking of new ideas
* Let me know if you lose interest, and I will do the same in return. No one enjoys being ghosted, and though I can't force one to tell me all I ask is that you consider letting me know rather than leaving me in the dark
* Understand that things will get busy, im an adult and life gets hectic! I won't be able to respond right away or every single day
* A heads up, I typically do an interest check after a week of no response OOC or RP wise, and to check in to ensure that you're doing okay! It isn't all about RP after all, I definitely want you all to be doing well
* IC drama is IC drama, do not bring it OOC or take something my character does to heart. It is for the plot
* Do not assume I approve or condone what my character/s do. They each have their own vices and do things that I do not approve of in reality. If you cannot distinguish between the two/associate everything in RP to reflect the writer then do not message me
* ASK QUESTIONS!! Never hesitate to ask me questions if need be, cause gods know I'll probably ask all kinds of questions if I need to!
* Do not make me do all the plotting, I'll simply drop things then and there as I want the plot to be something we both come up with- nothing something that I've alone come up with
* If youre responding to a plot ive posted in the LF roleplay forums feel free to throw some of your own ideas in! Im all for hearing them out

Rave Reviews

i could go on and on about parker's ability to bring an rp to life with his writing, where he is able to paint the perfect picture of a story but lbr there are a lot of great writers out there. what's more crucial to me are kind souls. and parker is exactly that; a kind, thoughtful soul with a heart of gold. i'm not someone who goes ooc too often but with this man, it comes naturally and i've always found it super easy to talk to him about literally anything. ty for being so wonderful bub 🥺 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - hollow
Sauron and I have been friends for a while now, despite a bit of a rocky past and honestly, he's really such a great person. He's understanding and very honest, and it's painfully obvious how much care he puts into his interactions with others and his writing. Oh, and the writing! Amazing and so well done, really. So much emotion and thought is put into every character and every reply. It's really just a huge honor to be able to be friends with someone so talented. - PrinceLacrima

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    i could go on and on about parker's ability to bring an rp to life with his writing, where he is able to paint the perfect picture of a story but lbr there are a lot of great writers out there. what's more crucial to me are kind souls. and parker is exactly that; a kind, thoughtful soul with a heart of gold. i'm not someone who goes ooc too often but with this man, it comes naturally and i've always found it super easy to talk to him about literally anything. ty for being so wonderful bub 🥺 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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    I've been writing with hollow for a bit now and its been amazing! Not only are their characters all uniquely awesome, but I adore OOC conversation with hollow as well 💜 Kind, funny, sweet, and understanding! If you haven't messaged hollow yet then I highly recommend to! Kind and understanding Creative ideas
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