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  • Gender: Female

I've been freeform roleplaying for a very long time, and can usually match my output to my partner's. I've dabbled in a few DnD and Pathfinder sessions, so I've got the gist of structured rulesets if not the specifics. I like to play with multiple characters at once, enjoy non-human characters and fantastical settings, and am partial to expectation defying characters...the kind demon, the evil child, that sort of thing.

I'm happy to work with people if something I've done is close, but not perfect, for an idea someone else has. I try to avoid Marry Sue-ing, but a lot of my characters started out as self inserts and evolved from there, so I occasionally slip. If my language gets too flowery, let me know and I can tone it down.

Don't dictate or assume my character's actions, and we should be fine friends.

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