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Hello there,

I am Scratchy Hamster, I do not really like to talk about my self since I am not a braggart and hate being the center of attention. But it seems that I need to fill this out to interest more people to get rps. *hides in the shadows and downs several cups of coffee* So I will give it a try and hope that it is good. If not then I will have to redo everything.

Here are some things that I like but not limiting to what I will do. I do some rps in some game worlds but never play canon characters due to they are already established and can cause drama if not done correctly.
I have done some about books, movies and other media but always never play canon characters so do not ask for me to play them.

Here are some of the genres that I like.
Horror (Don't mind gore at all)
Some romance
Dark Comedy
Dark psychological Themes

Here are some genres that I hate.
Slice of life.
Heavy Romance
Anything really bright and shiny.

I do not have many do's and dont's but most of them are already said by the majority of every one here. So here are some simple things that you should follow if you want to rp with me.

Be kind
Don't bring up politics, Don't care about it.
Don't godmode or crap like that.
And communicate with me. Don't like to be left in the dark when a partner is confused about some thing.

Here are some places where we can rp at.
On the forums.
Or discord

I do have writing samples and if you wish to see one then please just ask.

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