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30 | Married | Non-binary
Raunchy Sense Of Humor / Obsessed With Details / Audiophile / Squirrel Brained


Hello! I've been role playing for a little over fifteen years, mostly on furcadia but I am more comfortable writing here on RPR or on discord. I enjoy chatting, swapping music, plotting and gushing over characters. Feel free to reach me on Discord at scuz#0397 or PM me on RPR!

On average, I write between three and four decently sized, detailed paragraphs. I try my best with grammar and spelling, and proofread before I send a post. While I don't require dice, I do prefer their use when confronted with situations like fights or competitions. I try to maintain believability and work misunderstandings, mistakes and fumbles into some scenes. None of my characters are perfect, nor ever will be as I find necessary conflict and arcs you have to work for interesting.

What I'm Looking For
-In-Depth Stories
-Well Written Characters With Motivations and Complex Personalities

Rave Reviews

The grand of all grandest Samminches. Seriously, cool as a cucumber and fifty thousand times more awesome. The depth and life of characters just proves the Great Samminches talent. I seriously love her. There is power, purpose and pure unbridled talent here. Allow me to simply gush at the amazingness of the Samminch. We should all bow to your brilliance and I for one and so very happy to have ever gotten to know how amazing Scuz is - Mouslykat
Scuz writes great words and great characters and great stories and greatness all around. I seriously enjoy reading their writing even if I can’t be a part of the game! Not to mention they’re a fabulous friend to chat with. I’m so happy that I’ve connected with this one and look forward to seeing more of their creativenesssss. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MissPixie

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