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30 | Married | Non-binary
Raunchy Sense Of Humor / Obsessed With Details / Audiophile / Squirrel Brained


Hello! I've been role playing for a little over fifteen years, mostly on furcadia but I am more comfortable writing here on RPR or on discord. I enjoy chatting, swapping music, plotting and gushing over characters. Feel free to reach me on Discord at scuz#0397 or PM me on RPR!

On average, I write between three and four decently sized, detailed paragraphs. I try my best with grammar and spelling, and proofread before I send a post. While I don't require dice, I do prefer their use when confronted with situations like fights or competitions. I try to maintain believability and work misunderstandings, mistakes and fumbles into some scenes. None of my characters are perfect, nor ever will be as I find necessary conflict and arcs you have to work for interesting.

What I'm Looking For
-In-Depth Stories
-Well Written Characters With Motivations and Complex Personalities

Rave Reviews

HEMLO SCUZ CUZ. When we first met I was so shy that you'd hate on me and that I was overwhelming with just chattering non stop. Now Kat and I have become friends and its too late for her to run away. I am in love with her style of roleplay and the truthful - stick to the character-ness of her oc's. - Clove
I mean where do I even start? She's a great friend granted we haven't been friends for very long but I do enjoy our talks and spats of randomness. Her RP's are really fun and thrilling, you give her a bare-bones idea for a plot and it just becomes something more. I look forward to more rp plots and the way our chars expand over time. - Hawkona

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