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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: February 15

I’m griffen!Seasongriffen is a devil deer angle.but anywho welcome to my profile here’s some things I do•+

I play roblox and animal jam”$

I love cats and all animals in the world!Even bugs and amphibious!

I love to follow steps on stuff cause it makes me feel better!So I’m nice and all but I can be mean.but i like to help people(probably not if they were trying to wipe out our planet like thanos)but I like video games and eat mashed potatoes 🥔 and fall off hover boards go subscribe to these people 👇🏻





-Nightcore Lab

-The Diamond Minecart(DanTDM)
So I’m a nerd 🤓(of Pokémon)and I’ve seen people fall in love oH mY gOsH It’S sCaRy my friends are da best!
I love warrior cats and I’m not classified as a furry okay =^= and friend me if you would like also yes I change my picture a lot..and HoLy FrIcK.if you’re a furry i will respect that.okay enough talking about furries.[color/periwinkle] okay don’t ask what I did UwU my apprentice is mainframes.So of course you seem to know me but here are some people who are nice!
And that’s all the people that seem nice(counting my other friends but I’m lazy Couch 🛋)boldness

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  • Season is nice and caring ❤ she has helped me a lot and she has a crazy life but she loves it(thanks for everything season
    -- Mistake
  • This girl is amazing.I recommend roleplay with because she is amazing and you'll find her alot
    -- Mainframes

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