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Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet- and I thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have been rping for almost nine years now~ And I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon! I love writing all kinds of rps, from original universes to ones set in canon, I just love telling stories and forging new characters and worlds.

I am kind of hard person to approach OOCly for conversation simply because I had troubles speaking to people, both online and offline at first. It is nothing against any of you if I don't quite seem invested in an OOC conversation- I just have difficulties and worry about how I seem to others- I promise it won't be as bad once we get to know each other better ^^

I am over the age of eighteen and I tend to stick to that age crowd with people when it comes to rping, no offense to anyone who is younger than that of course. As for what I will RP, I am normally a pretty laid back person and will do almost anything in an RP- aside from really weird kinks and extremely dark rps that never have any moments where things can stop being bleak. I don't mind an RP with an oppressive atmosphere, or that deal with dark tones and subject matter- I just like things to end up better than the started in my RPs personally ^^

If it appears I ghosted you- I am really sorry. It isn't my intentions, I often get really stressed out by a majority of personal matters and my own nerves get the better of me which often leads to my response times being, less than reliable. I also have a weird issue where if I haven't responded in a long period of time, I will continue to not respond because I have an irrational fear that the other person is going to be very upset with me or simply don't want to respond anymore anyway because I took so long. If I haven't been responding just shoot a message or two and I'll get my act together!

As for other people taking a long period of time to respond, I have infinite patience I assure you~ I'm still waiting on someone and it has been nearly a year, but if they responded I'd jump right back into it, so don't feel bad if you haven't responded in a really long time I assure you I will not be mad in the slightest and still want to do things with you ^^

As for things I like to rp, typically 1x1 Rps with a lot of world and character buildings (Multiple characters involved between the two of us is also a plus but certainly not a requirement.) I am willing to try a 1x1x1 rp, but I am normally very uncomfortable with any more people than that. (I could do a 1x1x1x1 RP with a very compelling idea and a lot of convincing)
I am willing to RP in original universes or canon universes ^^

I typically try and match my partner's posting lengths, if you like RPs with a few lines or text or several paragraphs then I can do both of those things and everything in-between and more~

While I am very nervous and shy OOC, I don't mind people shooting me random PMs at all ^^ If you saw one of my characters that you liked and had an RP idea or simply wanted to say hello- then go right ahead I promise I do not bite XD

Hope to meet some of you~ Thank you again for taking your time to see this~

Rave Reviews

Where do I begin?
Section is an awesome writer who puts a lot of thought and heart into his replies. His world building is articulately detailed, and even if his character Arcus is very powerful, he has set limits and has a very sweet and kind personality.
Not only is his character amazing- he is also an amazing person! His patience with my erratic replies is very humbling, and I look forward to continuing to RP with him! - KhaeosMage
This was a long time coming. Now that I know the player behind Arcus, let me tell you this: he is amazing. Beyond patient and pleasant to talk to OOCly, and Arcus meshes so well with my sweet little Creatia that I could cry tears of joy whenever they interact. I almost shed a tear when I read that he thinks my worldbuilding is good. His world for Arcus is phenomenal, and you'll never regret playing at least one day in Haycleon. I know I didn't, and would love to continue when I get my mojo back. - Lucretire

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