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"Muunokhoi: All of Nikki's characters. tumblr_mx9a8et4Q41si189eo1_500.gif " <

Hey there. I'm Nikki - the blonde one. :P

I like to roleplay and meet new people. I don't bite... hard.

I'm not a big fan of ooc drama, so please try not to engage in any of that sort of behavior with me. You'll find very soon it does not make me a pleasant person to talk to.

^^Do. Not. Attempt.^^

I don't like to listen to (or partake in) gossip, so if you have something bad to say about someone, keep it to yourself.

Creepers.. just don't, please.

I'm also not a fan of random glomps/hugs/kisses or anything of the sort whispered to me out of the blue, especially if I do not know you. I find that rather creepy and off-putting.

Do not flirt with me OOC. I will tell you to stop, pimpsmack you and then proceed to ignore you if it doesn't cease.

I'm on Furcadia to have fun and roleplay (when I'm not busy helping with the beekin channel!)

Speaking of that, if you need any help in-game, please feel free to whisper me!

Other than that, I am a very relaxed and chill person behind the scenes. If you're interested in roleplay with any of my characters, please don't hesitate to whisper or PM me.

Rave Reviews

Selene (played by Selene)
Awesome character, Awesome Art, Awesome RPer, Awesome site. :D - Meli
As much fun to RP with as she is to chat OOCly with, Nikki is unique. I find I can talk to her about anything and she is very open minded. Very happy to have met this individual :3 - CrescentNomad

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