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Status: Hiatus

Message me for high fantasy based roleplay!

Current Activity Update: I’m currently too busy to role play reliably. My apologies to those I’m writing with. A series of events have made daily communication on this site a little beyond my capabilities. I adore you, it isn’t you. My rl life is busy this time of year.

I've been reading other profiles and it seemed odd I didn't have much information about myself away from here. So, first and foremost I'm a parent of two preteens. I own a side business, I paint, sculpt, carve and design jewelry and other various pagan related items. People seem to love my wands the most. In my day job, I work as a caregiver for the developmentally disabled.

I'm an unapologetic tomboy- an intermediate archer, a swordswoman who's studied both rapier and german longsword styles. I've been involved in the SCA for a while and at my height of participation, learned to make metal armor and some leatherworking. I've studied kickboxing and Yip Man and Hung Fa Yi Kung Fu styles. I hike and explore and have since childhood. I love to camp and my ideal vacations are in national parks and forests, not resorts.

As a person I'm an intensely boundaried individual and that does come across at times as anti social. The first 25 years of my life were extremely traumatic and it's resulted in existing on a different level than most people. I live with a PTSD diagnosis, though I'm thankfully no longer plagued by flashbacks or triggers. This also means I'm careful with how my energy is spent and on whom. I understand that bothers some people, I don't take it personally so I hope you don't.

I spent the first 12 years of my life on the Navajo Reservation, so when I talk about 'The Rez' I'm well aware and versed on the subject. I grew up with a foster parent, it was not a pleasant experience, but the Navajo were extremely kind to me and took me in when my own family and caregiver wouldn't. My heart is still very much with that small town and the people I knew there.

In roleplay I prefer adult themes not for sexual content but for the sake of not censoring myself. My characters are adults and so may curse or face situations inappropriate and harmful for children to be exposed to. Because of this you'll find most of my characters marked for adult content. I limit my posts for 2-5 paragraphs so that replies come sooner. I came from a site where I wrote pages of replies and I simply can't dedicate that kind of time to rp anymore. (I also have a medical condition that causes migraines, dizziness and brain fog- so occasionally replies might be delayed.)

What to expect when RPing with me:

- 2-5 paragraphs

- Replies several times a week

- Adult content

-Minimal OOC chatter(I'm just not a very talkative person, sorry)

-Action/Adventure/Intrigue/Political/Adult Romance(more or less in that order)

I have a discord, ask for it if you want to chat.

Rave Reviews

So proud of her. She pointed out something that was so wrong and against everything this wonderful community stands for. That's why this woman deserves these words of praise. I am in total solidarity with my freind. - LakotaSiouxWarrior
Where do I even begin! Keta has so much going on I can hardly even wrap my mind around it. She is not just herself, but this whole lore and life surrounding her. This realism that makes it hard to look away. She’s brave and bold and beautiful with so much to offer. A treasure found in the American Midwest. So much mystery, lore and spice, again I say, where does one even begin. - Kruhee

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