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I got wonderful people in my life and I want to show them the world.

A little about myself. I am finishing school to be a Veterinarian. Honestly one of the best life choices I made. With that said I love animals a lot, specially the exotics.

I love to rp and play games from systems, computer, and well table tops.

These are the people that I can't live without.
The White Rose in the darkness. This woman is not only talented but an amazing friend that has been there through thick and thin with me

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More than kindness, she is sugar and spice. Carefully composed and wonderfully articulated, we've had the pleasure of a long running friendship. She supports me through my all, and although the season has made us a bit more distant, I certainly enjoy our time writing and watching horror movies together. My gem and my darling, forever and always. - 13ee
This girl <3 Love her to bits! She's one of my best friends and like family to me. I love the RP we have, and the stories we've created together. And when we're not RPing, we're ALWAYS talking. She truly has become a big part of my life! I suggest all of you RP with this lovely Gal. She's amazing and fun! - Boe

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    Words cannot express how much I adore SennM. how this 500 character box cannot contain how much adoration and love I have for this woman. Her characters are so dynamic that I never know what to expect, but she keeps me guessing and yearning for more. The stories we have weaved will always be precious and treasured. I love you SennM, I wanted to keep making stories together. Wonderful writer Long-term partner
    (About 1 week 5 days ago)