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I got wonderful people in my life and I want to show them the world.

A little about myself. I am finishing school to be a Veterinarian. Honestly one of the best life choices I made. With that said I love animals a lot, specially the exotics.

I love to rp and play games from systems, computer, and well table tops.

These are the people that I can't live without.
The White Rose in the darkness. This woman is not only talented but an amazing friend that has been there through thick and thin with me

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This girl here has always been there for me! She's helped me in ways I can never even begin to thank her for! Her RPs are always fun, her characters always interesting, and I count her among my arsenal of friends!! <3 - cferretrun
Anna is amazing. The word pretty much sums her up as a whole. She's sweet, caring, giving, and wholeheartedly puts herself into her RPs. Victoria is an awesome character and Anna always makes you feel welcomed. She was one of the first people I met when I re-joined Furcadia for the 100th time and I am more than glad for that. If not to roleplay with her, just talking to Anna will put a smile on your face. <3 - Human

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