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Hello just call me Serena, I'm never sure what to put in these sections but I will try my best.

About me:
Location: England ( so please bare with me my timezone differences are big and it sometimes may be difficult to be online at the same time because of it)
Additional info: I am a lesbian in real life, so just as a warning to people most of my RPs might have FXF romance, I can do MXF romance but I prefer FXF.

Regarding RPs I mainly only do 1X1 I find it easier to manage, and I can do almost any genre although I'm not that good at sci fi. I am always open to new RPs so just PM me if your looking.

Regarding Characters

Not all of my characters are on this website, there are a few off website which I can not out on here due to not having enough character slots so instead I will write there name and what they are here and if you want to learn more about them ask me.
These characters are always open to RPs just like the characters on this website so don't be afraid to ask.

For now my mind is blank for what to put in my profile *sigh* I will probably fix this later.

Rave Reviews

This is one gal who is well worth your time. Especially considering her Echo chara who has an internal fight over what's driving her. Yeah, she can write circles around me at my absolute best~ Really earns her status as part of my Puu Crew, a super elite status where only superclose friends get to exist~ - Xenoworlds_BEYOND

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