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Hey, my name is Serena! You can call me that or Mauve <3 My timezone is GMT+2, as I live in Italy. And, yes, I am writing this at three in the morning because my sleep schedule is very flighty.

I've been roleplaying since about 6th grade or so, but it was more equivalent to single back-and-forth sentences. But since that point, I have gotten better and have taken a liking to paragraphs and a more descriptive roleplay style.

I will mostly roleplay any genre as long as it has a good plot and something to keep me entertained. I don't usually take a liking to slice of life simply because all the slice of life roleplays I've had haven't had much more to them than just a day-to-day thing. I am open to slice of life, though, if it has a twist to it. For example: maybe an assassin family or something like that.

I say this, but just like my sleeping, my roleplay likings can be very flighty, so just feel free to ask! <3

And, yes, I am Italian, but my Italian can sometimes be a bit iffy. Sounds weird, right? Well I live in a town in Italy where mostly everyone just speaks English, and I'm scatterbrained half the time, and it's easy for me to forget some things like languages. Of course I can still speak Italian, but it may not be as perfect as you expect ^^;
"About My RP"

-What is your favourite RP genre?
I do love fantasy, but over the years, it has gotten a bit tiring. Nowadays, sci-fi, adventure, and historical are my go-to's.

-What will you not do?
I won't do fandoms or plain slice of life RPs. I used to do fandoms, but I ended up getting bored with them, and they're harder for my creative outlet.

-Do you have any triggers?
Not particularly. I'm not a huge fan of overly snobby or mean characters, but then again, it really depends on the RP.

My rules are pretty simple. I want good communication between the two of us, and there are a couple of things I will absolutely not allow: Mary Sues, metagaming/godmodding, controlling of my characters, overly victimized characters. All of these bug me, so please don't do them. I prefer to RP with people 18+, but it also depends on the type of RP we do.

Now onto an adult topic: NSFW/Erotica. To say the absolute least here, if these scenes come about, I will only do fade to black. I do not want details and I don't want to play it out. Foreplay is okay, depending on the severity, but I will not ever do a full scene like that. Also, if this will come up in our RP, please ask first! In certain situations I might not allow it.

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