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Wading back into Furc/RP after years away. Dusting off, rebooting characters.

Some old junk
This is where I tell you about myself, huh? WELL I'M NOT GOING TO!

Just kidding. I've been kicking around the internet for almost a decade now, from one name to another, and gradually getting better at RPing in the process... You ever look back on your old RP posts? You know, the really, really old ones? Not a pretty sight are they? Ah, memories...
ANYWAY, if you find me outside of Furcadia, tell me, because you really haven't found "me" at all. In other words, I haven't stuck my RPing head outside of Furc in a couple of years - though I'm thinking about fixing that...

As for more stuff actually about me, the first bit is actually somewhat true; I'd rather cling to what vestiges of privacy still exist in this world while I can. NO, I'M NOT PARANOID! DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME!
...Have I sufficiently conveyed yet that I'm stark raving, out-of-my-gourd mad yet? Because I am. Don't worry though, I don't bite. Most of the time.

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