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Welcome to my profile! Feel free to look around and do not touch anything...

'Getting On..'

Discord: Beth#5248

I think I need to tell you a little bit about myself first. You can call me Beth for short. I have a great interest in British history and the structure of society in particular. Especially The Victorian Era. I have a special interest in cooking and baking. I love trying traditional recipes. It wouldn't be wrong if you described me as a bit traditional. I love doing research on the Royal Family and actively following them on social media. Although I've been trying to get used to classical music lately, historical and epic music are more interesting to me. And sometimes I like different genres. Hmm, I think that's enough about myself for now. I don't want to bore you, as I normally like to write about myself :))
A little break

Writing Rp was something that I abandoned years ago, but recently I strongly attracted to creating myself in different worlds again. And, I'm here now. As you can see from what I've written so far, anything historical, fantastical and medieval-themed&magic will interest me. I'm not really interested in Modern-themed rps, so I'd rather go back and forth between the Renaissance and the Victorian era.

In general, the characters I create are going to be evil. I'm sorry, but I can't create a hero character that saves the day.. I love being the one who brings dark and pain into people's lives... And twisted plots of course. Because I have my own methods, sometimes things that are quite violent can occur. But I don't want my characters to be feared and shunned, so feel free, they won't bite you!

I want the people I'm going to Rp to at least pay some attention to what they're writing. Because that can be a really big problem. I naturally expect you to pay attention to spelling rules, sentence order and similar details. Because I do, and I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I'm completely comfortable with how often you write, just make a certain contribution weekly and write at a certain length. All other information except what I said will be on the page of the characters I created. I suggest you read them carefully so that any details won't turn into problems later.


Feel free to send a pm for rp offers or just chatting!

Rave Reviews

Even though Serene is a newer member to the site (at the time of me writing this kudos), she just jumped right in and has become such an active member in the community. I enjoy seeing her around on the various forums and reading her responses to forum games. I look forward to continue seeing her around RPR! Great sense of humor - Somnom
Serene seems really nice and genuine on the forums. Her profile is well-laid-out, and she seems like a great writer. I'm glad she found RpR. :) Kind and understanding Helpful - Abigail_Austin

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