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The serpent that wants to become the dragon, must first eat itself

EU6brDI.png Kat/Solus
OC making machine
Noob Artist
Music Lover
Childish Adult

- No one-liners
- Story before smut
- No godmodding
- No below 18 OOC/IC

Looking: Nope
Rp Count: 6-ish

Extra Note:
Almost all my character has all my rules on their profile
Almost every character has do's and dont's made to them on the page aswell
If its lacking in one, hit me up with a question

Rave Reviews

She's an amazing RPer! Totally would do another with her.....than again im doing two RPs with her as i type this. Thats how good she is!....I love her characters and her style of RPing. You would too. - BLC-LITE
So...where and how do I begin for this wonderful amazing person? Kat is someone who is creative, intelligent, most of all amazing in roleplay. She is someone who is well worth the time and someone who I say if you skip on roleplaying with your a fool. A big fool. We’ve had quiet a few stories together and every single one was amazing. So give her your time and share an amazing story with her. - Lanx12

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