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29 - oh no im old
Artist in many trades
Poor Time Management
Early Retiree

Only the characters on featured in availably as the rest need to at least be looked over or at worst reworked entirely.


- Keep it at minimum 1 paragraph*, but more is welcome

- No godmodding, unless gotten concent first, this includes use of hypnotic powers, 'blood bending' and so on.

- Story before smut, while it can be played out it can also go fade to black type.

- Inform if story/characters doesnt work, or you arent feeling it. We are here to have fun afterall. No hard feelings on it.

- No underaged people/characters, this cannot be compromised. (npc's can however come in any age)

*= +3 lines

Rave Reviews

She is an amazing artist! <3
She was also the one that introduced me to this site.
Her art is fantastic!! - dk_thrash
A fantastic artist who has a lot of dedication toward pokemon! I really appreciate her setting up the pokemon group here on RPR to bring a lot of like minded people together, and it's clear that she's poured a lot of love and effort into her group. Thank you for all your effort! - Esoterica

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