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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 38
  • Birthday: July 09

Screenwriter/Novelist/Electrician that loves Roleplaying, Gaming and just enjoys to create.

My Motto:

Have fun, write true and never ever let people dictate to how you write. Writing is a beautiful hobby and we are all creative people with the natural ability to figure it out.

Rave Reviews

  • While our RP came to a pause due to busy schedules, I must say that for the time I wrote with Serv, I absolutely loved it! His characters, his writing, his plot twists and ability to get you invested for what's to come- all of it was incredible. It was a helluva'...
    -- nineforalostgod
  • What can I say about Serverus? XD He's a sweet, kind, and dedicated soul who has managed to not only create his own beautiful world, but is a wonderful person to bounce ideas off of. he has a wonderful imagination and I am honored to be at his side as Obelus'...
    -- 8TigerBunnyTora

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