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Not dead, merely reclining

the best way to predict the future is to destroy it



Hello~ I'm a twenty-something who writes code for a living and inhabits a backwater town in a timezone different than yours. Most of my time is spent wondering why did things stopped working overnight and consuming copious amounts of cappuccino. I also enjoy drawing, dolls and sewing.

When it comes to RP I have been playing for over 10 years, my favorite genres are fantasy and romance. I enjoy plots of character development and appreciate partners that are good communicators and can work together to get the rp going.



- Multi para only! I usually write 2-3, but I will try to match your style if you like more lengthy posts.

- Do tell me what you expect and if things are not working out, I will also do the same. I love chatting OOC to come up with plots and see if things are going as planed.

- I know smut happens, but I would like it to be the outcome and not the plot-driver.

- I will let you know if I need more time or will be taking a break. I appreciate your discretion of telling me if you wish to stop a RP, I won't hold it against you and it's quite preferable than simply disappearing. If you become unresponsive for too long with out a reason I will just assume you lost interest and will move on. Please don't count on me to remind you to reply to ongoing RPs.


All images in my profile and characters' pages are my own unless stated otherwise.


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