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Hey! My name is Seven. I'm a Queer Creature that lives in Canada. They/Them, sometimes He/Him if I feel like it.

I love to write. I've been building a setting since I was about 13-14 years old, and I'm still adding to it and refining older concepts. My brain is often noisy and churning out something that resembles a story chapter every other day keeps the cranium happy. My roleplay activity and creativity tends to happen in bursts, oftentimes it may take me some time to respond.

My other hobbies include fooling around on Heroforge to make fun character models, listening to music (my tastes vary wildly) and playing various video games (I'm a big sucker for RPGS and MMOs).

>For my own comfort, I will refrain from accepting friend requests and engaging in roleplay with people under 21 years of age, as well as people who do not have their age listed on their account. A similar rule applies to character ages too - any and all characters within a roleplay that I AM engaged in must be 21+ years old.<

I typically write High-Fantasy content as main course, with a decent amount of Medieval and Magitech influences sprinkled in. Throw in a hefty side of various Horror/Grimdark Elements and a little bit of Romance to finish it off. I enjoy writing primarily MxM romance. Smut is a No Go, it is so, so awkward for me to write, and thusly, I require Fade-To-Black.

I don't really plan to have playstyle charts on my character profiles, so if any of them interest you at any point, feel free to reach out and ask about what themes I usually write them within.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!


Rave Reviews

I always appreciate Ace's company. He has a heart of gold and keeps on trucking even when things don't seem that great. I think that's an amazing personality trait and I wish him the best of friends in the world. - Sanne
Spirit is one of those people who you just need to force your affection on, because they are amazingly talented with their character designs!

They were around back when I joined in June of 2015, and the official chat topic is a different without them!

Either way, you should message Spirit if you ever are wanting to roleplay with someone who has awesome looking characters that are unique! - SummerNights

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