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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: July 04

Hi I'm 5'0 black hair black eyes 110 pounds 100% sioux indian. I only roleplay with 18+ players. I do only female/male. Will do female/female Sometimes on request. I do short term will do long term if it's a great storyline for both of us. I enjoy lust love romance sex. But i enjoy being erotic and smutty. If roleplay isn't working let's fix or tweak,work it out it so both our characters turn out great. Roleplaying is fun and a great way to meet freinds I am totally engaged to my fiance. I collect string bikini swimsuits and bass guitars. I am a musician and songwriter. I am finally a professional musician. Applause lol.We are getting married summer 2019.Accepting all freinds requests. Let's stick the forum pledge and treat each other with kindness and respect. No one liners and try to be literate. I suffer from depression and PTSD from my first marriage and husband. I'm always willing to chat or discuss a roleplay with any roleplayer.

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  • SSB has to be one of the most generous and kind people on the site. Every time I think she couldn't possibly be more supportive and sweet, she contributes her thoughtfulness yet again in ways that leave me floored. I'm so very glad to have her in the community and...
    -- Sanne
  • This woman is very sweet,she so kind to me,we haven't role played yet,but I appreciate her and her kind thank you so much,for always brightening up my day 💖
    -- GalaxyStar2

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