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Might be here today and forever gone tomorrow. Accepting all freinds requests. I'm always here to chat or if you need a freind to talk to. I do erotic earthy smut. I do love lust sex. I do adventure drama slow burn romance. I only roleplay with 18+. I do only male/female. I do mostly short term will do long term if plot is good. I don't roleplay with anyomous characters because I want know the person i am roleplaying me. I'm a Lakota Sioux Indian 5'0 black hair black eyes 110 pounds.I'm a professional musician and songwriter. I collect basses and string bikini swimsuits.Let's stick to the forum pledge of treating each other with kindness and respect. That's all for now. I do suffer from depression also PTSD. I've been role-playing for 10+ years so I'm a veteran roleplayer. I'm beautiful merciual mysterious spondtatous unpredictable so look out!! Giving up role-playing indefinitely I'm writing my solo album. Working title "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ".

Rave Reviews

  • Upon coming here, SSB was one of the first people to welcome me and her kindness is so contagious. Definitely one of the brightest lights on RPR. Her words are genuine and she herself is an absolute treasure to see here. I love that she's here. ♥
    -- Peachcakes
  • Im giving this wonderful woman kudos due to her kindness! I am unable to RP with her for the next four year (sadly) but even so, she was kind enough to gift me a white rose simply because she saw my comment about not being able to afford one. We haven't talked all...
    -- StaticNightmares

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