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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 21

Here to get away from the reality and travel into the world of roleplay. ♥️
You can call me Blue.

What I roleplay?

Roles: Female x Male | Female x Female | Male x Female x Male | Female x Male+

Genres: Romance | Drama | Fairy Tales x Reality Mashup | Fantasy | Horror | Humor | Mystery | Mythology (Just Greek Mythology) | Realistic Fiction | Suspense | Thriller | Supernatural (Werewolfs and Vampires only) | Adventure.

What I am mostly into;

- Romance: I prefer all of my roleplay to consist of romance. I am okay with all age of romance whether its plot of early age, high school age or arranged marriage types. I mostly do highschool roleplays and office colleagues. Although I do have interest towards the marriage life roleplay there are fewer times I have done it.

- Fantasy: I prefer Magical fantasy, mostly into Harry Potter themes. I have tried HP with the casual in-film character and also with OC characters with the age of during the Trio Era as well as Early (Marauders) Era. I am interested in a HP with a mature twist which I have never tried before.

- Horror: For horror I have few personal (deep) plots I mostly do. And beside those I prefer haunted house types.

- Mythology: Percy Jackson is what introduced me to Mythology so I do prefer Percy Jackson and any casual Greek Mythology. I prefer playing characters like Poseidon, Aphrodite and Eros.

- Realistic Fiction: Like everything I mentioned in romance, I am open to any of the real fiction plots. I am also very good at making up realistic fiction plots on the spot so feel free to come and discuss with me if interested. I am also up for playing into groups like a High School or reality show. I am recently been interested in Love Island Show and Big Brother Show. So hmu with groups as well.

Supernatural: I prefer roleplay consisting of werewolf and vampires nothing else. Also I am up for twilight. I am also interested in playing in supernatural groups.

More would be updated but for now, this is it! ♡

Rave Reviews

  • Shades of Blue is quite a good, articulate writer, and is nice to talk OOC with. Her RP posts are well-structured and flows nicely, leaving a lot to work with for replies! The RP with Shades of Blue is one that brings a smile to my face when I see a new reply! If you...
    -- Shadow-Ranger

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