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Hi, you can call me SF, I RP for fun and it has always been fun. I'll befriend anyone I'm not picky. If you want to do an RP just send me a message with the character name that you want to RP with. :)

Nicknames: Caustus Jess, Dark Inferno, SF, Shadow, Flame, Dragon girl
*Feel free to call me any of these names, if you have any new ones I'll add them.*

I am a proud member of the WATERMELON CULT. <3

General time online: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-3:00PM/ on most Wednesdays I'm on form 7:30ish to 12:50.
I will not be on during the weekends, sorry.

HEADS UP, This Friday I am leaving for a trip with my family. I most likely won't be online for two weeks following. If I don't respond it is because I am unable to, please be patient and I will respond when I get the chance!.

Rp I like to do are...
Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
My Hero Academia
Fairy Tail
Blue Exorcist
Seven Deadly Sins
Hero/Villian roles
Under tale/ Different versions

Hey everyone! I am sorry for not being on, covid made it difficult for me to go online. I will be going back online now though, hope to hear form you all.

Favorite Quotes

Sir I dropped kicked that child in self defense.-TechnoBlade

Hippity, Hoppity, Get the Frick off of my property.-TechnoBlade

Don't mess with me,I have the power of God and Anime on my side! -some big brain

Life sucks hug a dog-unknown

Yeet them feet-Deku

Do you want to have a bad time?-Sans

When life gives you lemons, turn it into candy. -Zack King

War no matter the reason is a pointless bloodshed.- me

There is no Good or Bad yet life is always a struggle between them. -me

I know that hurts because I have accidentally done it to myself, multiple time! -Mabel Pines

The existence or Watermelons means there are Earthmelons, Firemelons, and Airmelons. These are the Elemelons. -Sans

No Survivors-GrayStillPlays

Rave Reviews

Flame is a very kind and caring person, and is easily one of the best roleplay partners ever. 10/10! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - UltraNecroziumZ
I love the way she plans out a rp and she brings it to life, then doing hero rps with her makes it better. So I recommend rping with her if you like heros, in return, kudos! - Foxy_TheWarrior

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