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Programmer by day, artist and casual writer on the side. I go by ShadowKyogre across most places.

Health Issues
  • I can develop stress headaches that're really painful. They're very stabby, and I can usually tell which part of my noggin is getting overworked. A lot of these have to do with relapse triggers.
  • Hands RSI. Usually isn't so bad when I'm on my desktop. Expect replies when on phone or on laptop to be slower to account for hand pain.
  • Noblebright. Classic good VS evil or white vs light gray morality and the ability to make a difference in the world.
  • Nobledark. Like the above, but the stakes've turned to the worst.
  • Thriller. Battles of wits between two where the life, liberty, or justice of themselves or their loved obss is at stake? Sign me up!
  • Science Fantasy. The far flung future, but with magic too!
  • Urban Fantasy. I've a soft spot for the whole "mundane vs mythical" vibe these've had.
  • Romance. As a subplot, not as a main plot.
Settings and Themes
  • Fantasy. Magic is here!
  • Nature. A few favorites of mine are ecology management and RPing through nonhuman perceptions. Ever thought how cool it'd be to be a plant info broker, for example?
  • Technology. New gadgets and stuff, especially when they're thought out, are super fun to play with. Even more if there's IC ways of crafting such tech too (either systemically or more loosely).
  • Myth-inspired. Myths are awesome sources of critter ideas, esoteric systems, and more!
  • Original worlds preferred, but open to fandoms and campaign settings. It's easier to arbitrate what belongs and what doesn't when there's a direct line to the person who made the RP setting in question. For fandoms and campaign settings, I'm open to these as long as there's an easily researchable wiki (or similar resource) I can source.
IC Yays/Nays
  • Queer friendly. Some of my characters are queer. I'm also more than happy to roleplay with others' queer characters too! Polyamorous ships with my characters are also welcome (be sure to ask first!).
  • Characters aren't their creators. Sure there maybe some overlap between a character and their maker, but, at the same time characters have to be different than their makers to allow their makers to explore stuff they couldn't IRL.
  • No metagaming please. On one hand, I can understand researching encounter possibilities ahead of time to prep for them (TTRPG parlance). On the other hand, it can severely backfire (via misleading) when a GM deliberately adjusts for this to be higher or lower stats than expected.
  • No god modding, and please don't confuse RPing gods WITH god modding. God modding can crop up in more insidious ways (like fixing outcomes to force certain tropes to happen). There's also plenty of ways to RP a god that don't revolve around absolute power fantasies.
  • Powergaming friendly (TTRPG only). I admittedly haven't seen a case of powergaming in the context of freeform RP. But in the case of TTRPGs, it's kinda understandable to want to make a good build to make sure one understands the rules better.
OOC Yays/Nays
  • Moderately salad tossed English. I'm a lot less formal in casual talks than compared to RPs. Which may result in things like, "Yay my sammich pizza is here!"
  • No long rambly textwalls w/o forewarning. I love talking, but, reading a sea of text while I've been away for a while can get pretty dizzying.
  • No ghosting please. Greatly prefer a quick status notify about availability rather than suddenly finding out I'm being avoided for reasons.
  • Making assumptions about contradictions. Often, I've seen this used as a way to coerce me to change my boundaries instead of asking why these boundaries exist.
  • Grimdark. It feels relentlessly hopeless. Not exactly what I read fiction for. There's a video by Overly Sarcastic Productions that covers the issue in more depth.
  • Pokemon
  • Kirby
  • Tales of (esp. Tales of Symphonia)
  • Tears to Tiara 2
  • Disgaea
  • Bayonetta
  • Borderlands (esp. 2 and the Pre-Sequel)
  • My Hero Academia
  • And more! Just ask! (I'll update this when I remember all of them)
GMing Tools Available

Want to RP lots, but stuck on a decision? Ask if I can use a tool to help nudge things in the right direction. This is always available even in 1x1s.
  • Novel AI (I will NOT use these unless you're okay with it)
  • Chat GPT (I will NOT use these unless you're okay with it)
  • The Everdeck
  • Rolisteam's dice roller
  • Hex Flowers of all sorts
TTRPG Systems

  • DnD 5e
  • Godbound
  • Pokemon Tabletop United
  • Mutants and Masterminds 3e (still learning)
Want to Play, Not Crunchy
  • Cortex Prime
  • Stars Without Number
  • Worlds Without Number
  • City of Mist
  • Galaxies in Peril
Want to Play, Crunchy
  • Pathfinder 2e
  • Wild Talents
  • Hero 6E
  • WOIN

Rave Reviews

Shadow's character Sapphira dropped by my spaceship during Halloween. My character was a bit quirky and probably not the best choice for a lot of people. Despite being from 2 different genres, she did an awesome job of making the trick-or-treat event work seamlessly and did a great job of handling my confused character's somewhat awkward interactions. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AgentMilkshake

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