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Hello! I'm actually really excited to have found this channel! A little bit of background on me!

Im a Veteran served as an infantryman for 5 years and deployed to Iraq with 1st in 2011 and then ended up with the 101st Airborne in 2013. There I did alot of cross-training and worked with various Special Operations Forces to include 160th, 3rd and 5th SFGs and a myriad of other units. I work as a Security Officer for the State Of PA. I have previously worked as an Analyst for the FBI, DOD Contractor and at DHS, taught defensive groundfighting to Law Enforcement. In my free time I enjoy martial arts, lifting weights, range shooting, outdoorsman activities and spending time with my daughter.

I'm also a massive nerd that enjoys PC gaming, painting models, tabletop wargaming and a very avid writer. I have written several stories with different characters all with their own individual backgrounds. Dragons and sergals are my top 2 favorite creatures to write about with many more other characters I have in my collection!

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