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  • Gender: Female


I do paragraph responses, practically adjustable to anything and open to any ideas..I have no limits, depends on how I’m feeling. I also love colors and sunshine so expect to to see my mascot roaming around, her name is Felix which is her on my profile.
I mostly do the following three:

But I’m able to do anything except for Medieval, sorry to admit it but I had enough History classes.
I also love to write optimistic poems as you will see often. I keep a poem book and I also build ideas by reading my fathers poem book. I look forward to doing photography when I’m older since I take decent photographs of my puppy, Cleo and Jeckyll.

:Relationship Status:
<3 ..Happily and Lovingly Taken By A Person That Means A Lot To Me.. <3

Rave Reviews

  • Shadow is an amazing Rper, always friendly, always gives perfect sized reasponses which mean the rap never dies down. She has amazing ideas for everything and that’s why she’s personally one of my favourite people to rp with :3
    -- Wolfcat

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