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Hello Good Sir, or Mam. I am Sir Shadow Wolf. I first came to this magnificent place, on the eleventh of... oh... what was it... AH! the Eleventh of May... 2020?... That can't be right... Perhaps this weird squarey number thing-a-ma-bob is broken... Anyhow, I came here search of a quest befitting a Knight. One, perhaps full of adventure, danger, mysteries, magics, and maybe even with a chance meet some beautiful dames!

Okay... Okay... I'll stop with Knightly act. I consider myself a writer, a good one so I am told, with a great many ideas, stories, and settings running through my mind at any point in time. I have been writing for as far back as I can remember, as early as 10 years old!! I know! Crazy right... If you do the math... *mumbles incoherently...* that is 14! Yes, 14 years as of the day I wrote this on May 21st 2020. However, I did not start actively pursuing my hobby as a writer until my freshman year in high school way back in... 1907... Yes! Seriously!... Okay, no, not really. It was a joke... with myself... Yeah... I'm terrible. It was actually the 2009-2010 school year.

I am a straight cisgender male... If you care to know that. No, I am not in a relationship. Yes, I am very monogamous and loyal. Not that it matters, because RP Repository (RPR) is not a dating site, and I am not here to hook up. If it so happens that we both find ourselves drawn to each other outside of our RP... I am open to the possibility of a relationship, but that is NOT my purpose here.

I have lived a very difficult life, especially in my youth and there still today, some of those troubles still haunt me, and it may or may not be reflected in my writing. If my writing seems dark, depressing, sad, and just downright emotional even if it is just at the start... It may be because I am either having a bad day, or something really struck me at more core. I am not really emotional, I almost never cry... complain... nor really express my full range of emotions unless I trust you. Please don't take it personal, I just have been hurt so often, that I may seem guarded at times. I do however get attached to people quite easily, and should you ask, I am perfectly happy to share my entire personal history with you even if we only just met... but really, who wants to know that on the first day?... Kidding! Anyway, if you ask for my history... please be patient with me as I type my response... There is a lot, and I mean a great deal of things that I have been through, many of which would have likely broken any other person by now, or at least darkened them.

Not me! No way, no how! Instead of breaking, I just got really stubborn... don't believe me? Ask my friends and family. They'd all agree I am one of the most stubborn people you will meet. And got exceptionally good at hiding and wearing a facade. Seriously! No joke, I talked with someone recently about my past and told her that I a great many times, out of anyone's view... I would go from the smiling, positive, happy person that I acted to be... to a black hole of depression, negative self-criticizing, binge watching the saddest stuff I could find, etc... and she didn't even know that. Now, this person can read people almost like a book. I mean, she can walk into a room, and almost immediately know what is going on. Okay, I might be exaggerating a tiny bit... Anyway, she, who knew me during that dark time, couldn't even tell.

Okay... moving on. I also have a diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and a form of High Functioning Autism (Asperger's). Because of my ADHD, I sometimes don't notice things, or get distracted or thrown off on a great many tangents... Among the many other traits... With Asperger's my biggest thing is... well, was controlling my Anger. I still have issues with it now and again, but for the most part, I believe I have become quite adept at that and my fuse has grown from a tiny little thing maybe about as big as an ant to being almost a mile long! It takes a great deal to really, truly anger me, and if I get to that point, it means people better clear the room until I cool off and have re-assumed control of it. Additionally because of both of those disorders I often miss the social cues, misinterpret things, and even sometimes get myself in trouble because of that. Please, if you feel I have misinterpreted something, missed a cue, come off in a weird/insulting/wrong way... Don't be afraid to talk to me about it, and please be blunt and direct. In the past where I have had people talk to me about an issue and sugarcoat it, it only confused me more, and thereby I misinterpret again and make things worse. Other times, the sugarcoating has just ended up making me think that whatever the issue was, must have been something minor. It bothered you enough to mention it, but not enough to really do anything about... if that makes sense.

Okay, now you know a bit more about me.. also, if you read this far, I commend you and thank you for taking the time to read all of that. Onto RPR stuff now...

In terms of RP there is not too much that I won't do... The only exception that I can think of: Erotic and Extremely Sensual RP of any kind I will not do publicly. I will only do this in private one on one RPs. I would prefer a building up to this instead of just starting out that way, but it is not necessary.

I can generally work with any setting. As of late, my preference has been a Modern Gothic Fantasy where magic is possible, but rare and practiced discreetly. Careful though, as the magic can have consequences ranging from I can live with that, to OH GOD THE WORLD IS BURNING! type setting... usually starting in asmall town. Very similar to that which is World of Darkness and it's accompanying books of Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening, and Vampire: The Requiem.

My experience... well I have been doing RP since I was a teenager... say 15 at least... possibly before. My very first experience was with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e which is still my preferred D&D edition to this day. Then I eventually got into Star Wars D20 and Pathfinder... Next came the discovery of World of Darkness, which so far is my favorite of all the tabletop games. At some point I tried Live Action Roleplay (LARP) but I couldn't really get into it. Partly because I think I was still too young and a bit unstable mentally. May have also been that the group wasn't the best. I plan to give it another shot, but seeing as my ADHD and Asperger's always has me lagging behind... as I have a hard time staying in the moment and coming up with response on the spot... I don't think it will really work out. OH! Magic the Gathering! My brother, his friends, and I actually took MTG and turned it into an rp while still keeping it competitive. We basically would say I summon, call forth, activate etc.. depending on what the card was... and detailed how each of beasts would attack their opponents and and if a creature died... we'd come up with all kinds of unique stories how it happened. It made for some good times. Additionally, I have done some RP in a multitude of MMOs but they often either fell apart or I quickly lost interest due to the fact that the majority were run in a janked system based on how fast you could type. First person to get their response out was usually the one who controlled what happened... I did not enjoy those any. 1) I am not that fast at typing. 2) I almost never abbreviate or shorthand my words... It is extremely rare for me. 3) I write in detail, addressing everything I can, as best I can and even try to do more. That and I had a tough time trying to keep my mindset to what would my character do, how would they react... I often answered how I would do something or react to a given situation... If things didn't go my way, that character either turned into just an aggressive, stubborn, and annoying pain in the arse you couldn't get rid of ... or the classic I don't care, am gonna do this my way, and be mean or baby-ish until I get it... So.. Um yeah. MMO-RP... not my thing. The other issue was, I also had a terrible tendency to play the same Character personality type over and over again... Meaning things often got stale and bland...

Umm... hmm... anything else I need to address?
If you made it this far... I honestly don't know how to react. You are one dedicated and patient person. I would offer you a medal.. but I have none to give. Best I can do is Say thank you. So, thank you. You actually read my entire profile...

OH! I almost forgot... My post length. I often try to match what my partner does... but my posts usually end up being multiple paragraphs, sometimes even almost a marathon of paragraphs. Also each of the characters I make are me in some way. They may share physical traits, similar histories, personality traits, names, whatever... I do this for a couple reasons, 1) in my opinion, it makes the character feel more alive, more unique, and often more complex. Adding a whole new layer of immersion and believability. I even will often spice up my responses with character inner thoughts and sometimes conversations with himself, as well as NPC's to make the RP pop a little more. I also sometimes get so lost in my writing, that I find it hard to stop myself and end up setting a host of new events, twists, plots, and so much more often with intending to. In some cases especially if we are conversing OOC and I may even challenge myself to see how many twist, contortions, and Ideas I can put into one single cohesive post. For example, if you were to tell me that you wanted an RP that started out and followed a very abstract outline of A, B, C, or D.... I might respond to you with something that combines them all into one, say, plot E, and possibly expand it miles further... or let's say we do Plot C instead of E... I may, over the course of my post expand it by adding almost a miniplot of A or maybe AB etc... I am constantly trying to challenge myself in this way to try and push my writing to new challenges as well as make the RP that much more enjoyable for you but adding content I was made aware you already liked.

Okay... I think that covers everything. So this is truly, seriously, and completely the near end of my whole Bio. I know this is a lot to read. I certainly don't expect you to read it all, let alone read it all in one sitting. If you did, a big thank you from me to you. You not only took precious time out of your own life, but you took the time to thoroughly read this, and thereby appreciate the time I put into writing all this down. Which makes me smile. :)

Extra Information You Probably Don't Care to Know About Me
RL Name: Brandon
Timezone: EST
Favorite Animal: Wolf
Favorite Color: Blue, Especially Navy Blue
Favorite Food: Salmon and Tuna Lately
Diet: Seagan (Same as vegan, except I will eat fish and other seafood.)
Weight: 218pds (down from 270 and still losing more. Target weight: 180-200)
Relationship: Taken by my Loving Girlfriend and Princess.
Love life: Error 404 not found

No, I have never kissed a girl, nor anything else that comes after.
No, I am not religious. However I am spiritual.
Yes, I believe in life after death but not in any of the usual ways we were taught.
No, I do not smoke. Never will.
Yes, I do drink, but it is few and far between. Usually only socially but sometimes I will go all out, but it gets costly as it takes a great deal just to get me buzzed. No I will never drink to the point I throw up or pass out...
Yes, I do have written work posted on other sites. Ask for info.
Yes, I do play PC games of all kinds. I have played Nintendo64, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox, Xbox360, and Xbox1 Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and PS4 games of all different kinds... Still waiting vainly for a PC port of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
Yes the 95 in Shadow_Wolf95 is indicative of my birth year.
But what about (insert your question here)... Pm and ask me.

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Honestly such an amazing writer! He and I had a wonderful roleplay going! He is super sweet to talk to OOC and really gives fun and creative ideas to the story. I would start a roleplay with him as soon as you can. :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kotomi657

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