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⭐ Roux ⭐ Adult™ ⭐ INFP ⭐ U.K. ⭐

I love vampires, elves, borzoi, frogs, 80's horror/sword & sorcery/adventure films, the colours purple, black, and orange, wind instruments, D&D, video games, sushi, and sleep.

Rave Reviews

Shadowbanish and I are veterans of the Tumblr TES Shipyard of the early 2010s, and she is one of the few people I have been able to keep in contact with from that time without drama or drifting apart.

Her character, Elerrina, is lovely!

Her artwork is amazing, and she's always fun to talk to! :) Never a dull moment! - IlexysCrowe
If someone ever asked me if there was a perfect human being I would instantly point to Shadowbanish, they are my ride or die, I've never met a more lovely person who's stuck with me through hell and hurt, they are immensely creative in both art and writing and Elerrina is so very close to my heart she may as well share a room in my head! Please send them all your love <3 - Kyce

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