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~Drem Yol Lok~
{Means 'Greetings' from Skyrim}

Hi! I am 22, Female, and always looking for RP partners! Let's see, I've been rping for around ten or so years. (Yikes. So freaking long... XD) My word count is around 400+, I've gone up to 1000 words and more though. So I do prefer Advanced Rp partners who can match or even go above my count, please don't post below 400 words. [I'd be happy to send an example of my writing if need. Just ask! ^-^]

I love 1x1 and have no interest in groups rp, super sorry but I'm just not good with them. As for pairings, I will only do M/M (male with male). I prefer being 'submissive' character in most rps but, I am willing for both of us being switches.

Feel free to PM me if you have an idea you think I may like or you see one I've posted that you like!
Oh, I am happy to do multiple RPs with people. I actually have one person outside of here that I have six RPs with. XDDD

My activeness has been lacking greatly lately but, I should be good to go now. Currently, I am Inactive~ {Edited- as of 1/19/2020}

-My Search Rp threads-

Death and Love~ (M/M, Assassin/Assassin)

My Plots~ (Long-Term, Multiple Pairings)


Outside of my Rp obsession I like...

Music listening~


Baking: Cookies are my specialty. I love homemade Snickerdoodle!
Gaming: (PC)[go-to games are: Dragon Age, Skyrim, Witcher 3, Star Wars Kotor]

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