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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 31

I'm friendly as hell okay. Talk to me about anything.
For RP I mostly prefer to RP as men and for relationships, yaoi. I love RPing fight scenes and interactions between/creating enemies as well as "out on the town" or "getting to know you better" RP's between friends/potential friends.

I can sometimes write a lot, between one to three paragraphs. I don't always expect my partners to match me, but I do beg you to give me something to work with, more than two or three sentences at the very least.
Sometimes I just can't write as much as I'd like and more often than not, I'll apologize profusely for it.

I like to keep OOC talk in a completely different area than an RP so for example, if we RP over PM's, I'd like to make a new PM thread for ooc talk. Skype is also an option for both RP's and OOC chatting ^_^

If we're doing an RP, or even just talking OOC and you're gonna disappear for days or weeks at a time, please let me know as I tend to worry about people more than is healthy ^.^'

Rave Reviews

  • A great friend as well as a wonderful RPer. His characters are unique and interesting, never failing to loose my interest in each turn that our RPs take. I entirely recommend this lovely person to everyone.
    -- Ohermichi

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