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"I was a lonely boy, no strength, no joy
in a world of my own at the back of the garden
I didn't want to compete or play out on the street
for in a secret life I was a Roundhead general"

Hi, my name is Siduri. Or just Sid! I love mythology and birds. In my spare time I write, draw, worldbuild, and combine all three with text-based roleplay. They/Them pronouns please!

Check out my Carrd for more information and links to my profile on other websites. You can also find me on Discord at Sid#0199.


Rave Reviews

I've been rp'ing with Sid for the past year or so, and she's always super fun to rp with; anything from dramatic rp's too simple hangouts, she's always down. She has great, creative ideas and she's always so kind and friendly. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Bryomancer
Sid is amazing! Between being hyper helpful to everyone around her, no matter the setting I've seen her in, to being ready and willing for conversation, she's so easy to get along with. Pair that with the downright amazing way I've seen her grow and develop as a writer since I first met her, and it's like, hey is there anything you can't do? Looking forward to watching her cruise right past all of us and be the Coolest Writer Ever while we're sitting here cheering her on. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Marie

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