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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: December 03

Let me do some art for you! Here are some examples of the things I am capable of, but not limited to-Sybil's DeviantArt stuffs!
Discord is where my main setup is, but if it's not available to you please let me know and we can discuss the rules, prices and preferences.

Things to know:

°I am not good with sci-fi, so please don't ask for those.

°Though I am not new to drawing, I am still learning to do digital paintings and coloring.

°My prices vary on what you are capable of providing.

°Explicit/sexual themes are not on my lists to do until way into the future when I am more confident with my works.

°I normally can have an art piece done in about five days or less depending on subject and the time I have.

°More may be added to this little list as I progress.

As of posting with me or getting to know me:

I don't prefer to role play with people under the age of 18 and though you may be a lovely person, I have enough anxiety of my own to be worried about legal matters....

I generally type paragraphs and mostly base them off of what is given. One liners are a pet peeve and single word replies will halt any further replies from me. Otherwise, I am very easy to approach and will gladly attempt making a conversation with you. I love fantasy, romance, adventure type of Rps. Sci-fi is my weakest genre, and most likely won't go into those. A bit of technology or modern Rps are fine but I prefer the former to the latter.

About what kind of Characters I use

I love animals and as you can see most of my characters are either partly beastial or total wereanimal. Magic isn't used so often in my creations solely because that requires a lot of statistics that I just don't have the brains for. I rather it be right than epic.

I make mostly female characters and hardly-if ever, do I make male. There is nothing wrong to me about being one or the other so don't get me wrong. I just prefer to be the one gender that is my own. I am not a fan of damsel in distress and prefer them to be strong willed ladies. I do like to put them in trouble if drama is called for, but I don't over do it. So be prepared for that if you are dealing with me.

A bit about Me

I am an artist, and have a strong connection to music. So they both tie in well together when doing one or the other. I would like to share them with you if you ask, but otherwise I don't really advertise them enough.

I am working hard to learn to do digital drawings. My progression, to me, has been going fairly if you see choppy stuff and then better's just me learning. I would love to do commissions for others. I need the experience and new ideas to work with and I hate to say it, but I do need the profit. Even if that isn't my sole reason for learning digital works, it is one of the smaller ones.

Every so often, if a character has interested me enough and doesn't already have a depiction of their character, I will offer to make one for them based off the provided description is in the profile.

I don't like to be rushed in the least bit. If I haven't replied to you in a couple of days, I am probably just resting my brain to reset the creativity, distracted by other things going on....or possibly drawing which is the most likely of instances.

I do have a job, so keep that in mind also. Luckily, I can still post while at work, but don't expect me to shoot back one right away.

Rave Reviews

  • While I am looking forward to also writing with Sybil soon, I wanted to reach out and give some well-deserved kudos for her making some beautiful artwork for me, and over the holiday period too! Sybil was very patient and accommodating with my many specifications and...
    -- DorianM
  • Such an absolute delight to share the same community as this fantastic ball of adorable. Always upbeat and kindly I am honored to be able to say that I know them. Not to mention see them write their characters which are well thought out and wonderfully sculpted.
    -- Kruhee

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