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I'm hoping to just have some fun roleplays,
Also big Overwatch fan as we can see by the character style 😅

Hello I am Silly Spider, I am new and I welcome you to DM me if you need something or find something interesting.
Things you'll need to know about me 1-10!

1. I am a flexible Writer, and try to match my partner in length.

2. I put quality over quantity in my writing and that will never change.

3. I struggle with Real Face Claim Characters,
Its being worked on, but from to many negative outcomes I still can't trust them. Sorry.

4. I love OOC chatter about our Role Plays, especially when plotting against our OC's.

5. I am a Hyper active person, and reply quickly because my jobs revolve around my laptop.
I do not expect this from you.

6. I give at least a weeks wait before I message people if they've stopped replying.

7. After 2-4 weeks I will move on from the Roleplay if both IC and OOC have fallen quiet.

8. My favorite themes are Dark Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, and Plot Twisters. Smut and Romance Only Driven are actually my least favorites but are still possible.

9. Please give me feedback if something is bothering you, or if I could improve on something in our roleplay.
Roleplays are like eating food, I may like pickled pizza, but you may not, so please reach out!

10. That's it, goodbye!

Inquiring minds want to know why we too should befriend SillySpider!

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