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↪ Vells, Vee, Jupiter || Medical student || Trying to survive this semester || sobs over characers
I'm Bulgarian and english isn't my first language, but I can spin your head with a plot.
Most of my brain children are anon, so if ever you feel curious about what I have to offer, ask!
Open for rp?: Tentative yes!

Skype: Locarda| Discord: Locarda #2875 | Deviantart: Lovatier

NOTE: Updating all of my characters, bringing them up to date, will begin to finish and take them out of anon slowly, not in an rp mood per say, but i'm in a creative space at least.

Be honest with me. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate honesty above all. That, and my tolerance for vaguing and pretences is 0, so don't even try it.

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What to say about you? Other than that you're infinitely patient with me. I don't know how to express how you talking to me about your day is so precious to me. Because I'm pretty sure you don't do that with just anyone. And you give me plenty of your limited time when you can, which is such a rare generosity that you can't find with many. You are able to root me, when I go flying off the handle. Thank you for that, and thank you for your willingness to be my roleplay partner. I'm honored <3. - Michonne
I wish to express my joy with how friendly and kind Silovit have been to me during our roleplay together. Silovit works with you to make sure the roleplay is just what both want. She goes the extra mile to make you refresh the page every three seconds while waiting for a reply. Shes understanding, shes kind, shes an amazing artist, and in the short time I've know her she has been an amazing friend. Silovit really sticks to their character in both mind and action. Shes a wonderful roleplayer. <3 - Keo

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    Silovit reported a bug in 1.0 and then had to wait very patiently until it was finally fixed by the release of 2.0(About 2 months 3 days ago)