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↪ Vells, Vee, Jupiter || Medical student || Trying to survive this semester || sobs over characers
I'm Bulgarian and english isn't my first language, but I can spin your head with a plot.
Most of my brain children are anon, so if ever you feel curious about what I have to offer, ask!
Open for rp?: Tentative yes!

Skype: Locarda| Discord: Locarda #2875 | Deviantart: Lovatier

NOTE: Updating all of my characters, bringing them up to date, will begin to finish and take them out of anon slowly, not in an rp mood per say, but i'm in a creative space at least.

Be honest with me. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate honesty above all. That, and my tolerance for vaguing and pretences is 0, so don't even try it.

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Words escape me at times when it comes to this lovely person. Of course I have someone else to thank for introducing us. Silovit has been nothing but kind and always open to my shenanigans when they pop into my head. Few people have been able to keep up with the rate my thoughts jump from one thing to the next. Such a dear friend I wouldn't trade for anything. - Tiufel
Oh man, what can I say about this wonderful lady? She has been wonderfully patient and very understanding. A pleasure to talk and plot with! I am quite fortunate to call her a friend. Her stories are intense and worth the wait. Such excitement. - Tiufel

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