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- 21 , Taken , Stressed -

Here to flesh out my characters more really :)

I would really prefer all my partners be 21+, however I will not RP with anyone under 18 at all. No shade against younger members of the community, I hope they have fun, I just wouldn't feel comfortable!
I took the liberty of adding some hidden tabs down below detailing a couple of things that could help you decide if I'm the story buddy for you. Including hard-no's, interests, and tropes I'm a sucker for!

Absolute No's
Thing's I will absolutely not be okay with discussing in or out of character, I am incredibly open in terms of content but these cross lines for me.
Flirting OOC, toilet kinks, genuine non-con, incredibly personal life conversation (IE, where we live/work, go to school, ect.). I'm happy to chat and discuss OOC things just not that personal.

For non-story interests I really enjoy DMC (Particularly Dante, named my car after him :) ), Rise Against, Mindless Self Indulgence, and art!
For story related things I tend to stick with Fantasy Medieval type stories. Either with an adventure element or just a court drama! I'd really love to get a story buddy who is an artist as well and exchange art of our story together.


Classic Gilded Cage/Chains, a beautiful place/item is still a prison/chain.
Large characters scared to touch smaller ones for fear of hurting them.
Stone-hearted brute gets soft and affectionate for one person.

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