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  • Gender: Bigender
  • Age: 23

So i never got around to filling this out.... hmm.
You can call me Silver, or Tori, whichever you prefer.
I am Bi-gendered, which means i identify as both male or female but feel free to use male or female pronouns when speaking to or about me.

i will always be up for roleplaying if you have an idea shoot it my way! im also not above creating a character solely for a roleplay. got a story that my characters dont fit but you wanna rp with me? hell give me 15 minutes ill make one up right there.

i do however have rp limitations that you can ask me about via pm, i understand if you dont agree with them and such. i also will be honest, sometimes i vanish im sorry

im not on all the time but i try to be on atleast once a day. But i have a few problems and between either working or trying to find a job i may vanish but i will always try to come back so i apologize in advance!
*If the picture for any one of my characters is a doll maker image, please be patient it is because i do not have time to make a real image at the moment, they will be eventually switched out* And please keep in mind, if none of my characters suit your fancy just ask. i have plenty of characters in my head, and few who have been removed due to a lack of popularity.
and just basically, hello, its a pleasure to meet you :)

Rave Reviews

  • I've roleplayed multiple times with Silver, and it's always been such a pleasure! We're able to play off of each other so well and she's always true to her characters, which I really appreciate! The stories are always interesting and we both get excited about...
    -- CrimsonKnight
  • Oh my goodness!! Silverbloodvrs is probably one of the nicest, coolest person ever! Silver never gets mad at me for being silly, and always is ready to RolePlay! With quick replies, great characters, and even better plot , never skip out on a RolePlay with Silverbloodvrs!!
    -- miki-muse718

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