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I am a long-time writer and gamer with a background in D&D who prefers well-thought out plots, characters, and worlds who is looking for someone who can post near-daily and has a good comprehension of literate writing. I really hope to make our stories long-term, so communication is key with me!

I prefer real life face claims, writing in third-person, and three to six paragraphs when writing. I only post with original characters - even in fandoms, as I don't like stealing other people's characters. I am always happy to make new characters based on others, but they will always be my own. I love world-building, crafting maps, and creating NPCs to fill our world, so be ready for the creative gush I'll be cranking out.

I write primarily fantasy, romance, adventure, and combat with a touch of smut. Sex will not be the sole premise of my writing, but I don't do fade to black. I'll do fast and furious or slow burn, so long as it's part of the plot and makes sense for it to happen. I prefer FxM, and I won't touch the usual taboos - potty play, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, abuse, etc. I also don't do plain-old, every day slice of life - it's too boring for my tastes. I like to have some kind of magic/supernatural at play.

If you're not able to plot with me over discord or chat via PM, then I'm not your gal. I'm big on planning, and I don't appreciate surprise moments that blindside me or take away my character's actions. I like to know where things are going and what's about to happen so that we're writing on the same page. If I get left behind for more than a week because you can't communicate what's going on, won't listen to my ideas, ghost me, or play your character with someone else in a multi-ship, it will kill the mood and I will end the story there.

Rave Reviews

I'm not sure words can truly do this woman justice, but I shall try. To start with, she's a wonderful person all around. Not only is she a joy to write with, I have a blast just chit-chatting with her. Her writing is unbelievable, once you start reading it flows perfectly, sucks you in and leaves you wanting more. I am always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next post. I can't wait to see where it goes! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Cyrotronix
Silverymage is an amazing writer. Her characters are well thought out and incredibly detailed. Her posts give so much detail that paints a picture and moves along the story. If you get a chance to rp with this woman, don't hesitate as she is a great writer and friend. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DukeKagan

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