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→ Formerly known around here as "Leighton" - just to prevent any misunderstandings ♥


I might not be much of an active RPer at the moment, but I'm trying to improve my English skills through reading and writing. Of course I also still adore creating OCs, I practice writing style as well as character design with these babes and would love to get better at some basic CSS coding. While I'm still learning about dealing with deadlines, drawing tidy clean lineart and overall be more professional with my work, I'm thinking about not only using my art as reference for characters but also joining the fun of trades, commissions and giveaways again.

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Sin-fonie either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

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How long has it been? Three years - Four? - that we've been by each other's side? And how many worlds have we weaved together, populated, raised and destroyed, then rebuilt from ashes? How many love stories, tragedies, reunions, victories and defeats have we written together?
If I could, I would put all these worlds in globes, keep them like trophies and pridefully look upon them. I once was a god, alongside you, of a universe with a thousand planets. I will never forget that. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Silovit
It has been too long since we last spoke, but this lovely lady is so wonderful. Her character's she creates are a dream to read over, and I love seeing her randomly pop on my dash. I am happy to call her a friend. She's so sweet, lovely, and delightful to be around and deserves so much adoration. <3 - Hadeslicious

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