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Feeling adventurous~
What about a new profile? Cheeky, ikr!!

Jakob · lvl 33 · male · pisces · in Germany
amazing picture by PotatoLord's Persona Creator on picrew

· likes roleplaying & board games
· tries digital art for OC designs
· bad at coding but won't give up
· draws his own characters sometimes
· equally both a dog and a cat person, sorry
· classical music or black metal, no in between
· jk, there's still folk-, viking- and pagan metal
· and Elton John! Ok, mainly Elton John currently
· plays soccer but doesn't watch any (except for Liverpool)
· stressing over having to do sth all day & still not doing it
· always overthinking yet mostly talking before thinking
· 100% trash - have a picture of me and Elton
DISCLAIMER: it neither shows me nor Elton, but that's my weird kind of humor

Formerly known around here as "Leighton"

Rave Reviews

I absolutely adore Sin-fonie and cannot recommend him enough. He is extremely friendly, patient, encouraging, helpful and overall a joy to talk to. Sin-fonie's writing is also wonderfully detailed and engaging. I never feel bad about needing more time to get back to him, and I consider myself very privileged to be his friend and RP partner. <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sanne
Thank you for being you! While I don't know Leighton very well or very long I find they are a wonderful person with so much to offer. I am thankful to share in the same community! - Kruhee

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