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Hey! It's-a me, Jakob~
I'm located in Germany

I might build & store character reference pages for personal use here.
Maybe even sometimes looking for roleplays? Who knows!

· roleplaying & board games
· tries digital art for OC designs
· bad at coding but won't give up
· draws his own characters sometimes
· equally both a dog and a cat person, sorry
· classical music or black metal, no in between
· jk, there's still folk-, viking- and pagan metal

Formerly known around here as "Leighton" - just to prevent any misunderstandings

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Rave Reviews

It has been too long since we last spoke, but this lovely lady is so wonderful. Her character's she creates are a dream to read over, and I love seeing her randomly pop on my dash. I am happy to call her a friend. She's so sweet, lovely, and delightful to be around and deserves so much adoration. <3 - Hades_
Leighton is great. Despite all that they go through, they keep on keeping on. They have heart, and with how much ghosting is a part of the rp community no matter where you go, Leighton always makes sure to keep you up to date so that you don't worry. That's huge to me. I definitely appreciate all that you do, Leighton. Keep creating the beauty that you do. <3 - Demilicious

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