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26-year old office worker.

Remind me not to write any time past midnight.

I've been getting a little burned out of rp lately so my post frequency has gone down. I apologize for that.

I prefer fantasy or horror/mystery rp, but I will occasionally do a slice of life rp if I feel like the characters will mesh well together.

Also, I have been known to create characters for an rp if the plot is interesting enough, but that's a special occurrence.

Feel free to approach me for RP even if I haven't pitched something into the LF forum, it makes me happy seeing people are interested in my characters!

Rave Reviews

Siolia was one of the first people to RP with me when I joined RPR.

Weeks later we are still RPing together.

It's always a joy to see a reply from Siolia in your inbox. Why? Because her characters have depth, detail and hide tantalising secrets that just beg to be explored.

I am privileged we write together and her ideas and plots have given me so much to work with. Thank you! - Beetroot
It's been a while, and honestly I'm kinda surprised I haven't given Siolia kudos in the past. She's a great RP partner capable of creating really interesting worlds around her characters. Her characters interact with each other with a very believable chemistry whilst leaving room for the character(s) of her RP partner to slot in as part of the interaction, leading to a great dynamic experience that is a joy to be a part of. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Riik

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