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25-year old office worker.

I haven't been here in about a year; sorry to everyone who was waiting on me.
I'll be back for a little bit, to try an experiment.

Rave Reviews

Siola is great to write with! Although I haven't been roleplaying with her that long (about a month now) I have quite enjoyed the story I've written with her so far. I hope to keep writing with her and I love the ideas she puts out, such as this group she started recently! I definitely recommend writing with Siola, as she is very nice, writes well, and has wonderful characters and plotlines. I definitely don't regret messaging her for the first time. - Rauym
She's super willing to put up with my random plot turns when I think of them and I really appreciate that! Her characters are so solid it's almost unnatural how real they feel to talk about, when we discuss points OOC about then I almost feel like we're gossiping about a real person! Siolia is a stellar writer who I honestly am excited to read their reply the moment I send mine off. It's honestly amazing the stuff she can write and I can't wait to see where our future stories take us! - LegyLance

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