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I'm new to forum RP but a veteran of tabletop RP like D&D as well as the cortex RP maps in Starcraft

I generally prefer fantasy RP but I mix it up every now and then. I have little interest in combat-only adventures.

I have taken creative writing classes and my standards are pretty high.
IRL I'm pretty quiet and usually the characters I play don't have much to say either. IDK how true that will be here. Like I said - I'm new to forum RP.

Between college classes and theater, I can't make any promises as to when I will be online.
My college has all this expensive software and equipment and I'm using it to 3d print my characters. Life is good.

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A mythical level of creative that I owe for his creative suggestions and welcoming call that I was greeted with on my arrival. Thank you. - jpdelta

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