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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 32

OOP! You found me!
I am only Active on Felanna and Mjorn alts on Furcadia now.

I have been roleplaying since I was a young teen and have been an active player on Furcadia (off and on) since 2003. I am now known as an old-schooler Para-RPer. I have been a Rah of at least 3-4 dreams including Outlaw Sanctuary/Pariah Sanctuary/Nair’hannin and Plantation Coast. I used to do Art/patches for Furcadia to which some are open for public use on download sites.

I have played Good guys, Villains and neutral characters. My RPR provides only my main characters. I tend to stict to Fantasy realm/steampunk fantasy rather then other genres but I have explored Sci-fi and modern RP in the past.

Other things about me? I still draw and paint. I rotate hobbies often, but art seems to stick around. My future Husband used to play Furcadia as Mune Edoan. We now live together in our beautiful home with three fur babies. I am a stay at home spouse so I have more time then I used to.

I am pretty easy to talk to. Feel free to message me for a conversation so long as you know I will no engage in OOC/IRL romance.

Art can be found here -->>

Working on a new dream project. message me if you wish to inquire. It is being built on the input of others - if you want to know more Message me or join the creation discord ->>

Rave Reviews

  • Wonderful RPer, and an even better villain! It is wonderful to have her in plots and story lines because of her ability to freeform like no ones business. Love ya!
    -- Kayla1108
  • Very few people, regardless of their "RP age" are capable of creating such a fully living personality in their characters. Even fewer can present it with fine writing and only the cream of the crop can make you feel their character in just a few sentences. Aly? If...
    -- Prophetic

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