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I'm Danish and I like metal music, candy and bullshitting my way through life.
Dislikes: Dickheads
And I go by the danish timezone.

Also I love to help with character developement, and RP creation, so if you need help, pm me.

The types of Rps I like, everything as long as it's interesting and is legal for my age, though gore and foul language is nothing I can't handle.

Also because I don't really have a clean slate on this website, I will just post how many times I have come in trouble.
Got messaged by the admin or a moderator: 15ish
Have been reported: 1
Got suspended: 2

I have risen from the dead.

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Has quite the potty mouth but is an interesting rp character - RayneLillac
Pretty cool and nice guy. His modern day rp is flawless. - Fancie

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