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I'm Danish and I like metal music, candy and bullshitting my way through life.
Dislikes: Dickheads
And I go by the danish timezone.

Also I love to help with character developement, and RP creation, so if you need help, pm me.

The types of Rps I like, everything as long as it's interesting and is legal for my age, though gore and foul language is nothing I can't handle.

Just placing this little thing here don't mind it:

Also because I don't really have a clean slate on this website, I will just post how many times I have come in trouble.
Got messaged by the admin or a moderator: 15ish
Have been reported: 1
Got suspended: 2

I have risen from the dead.

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Skip is a really great RPer and person, I really think he adds a lot of drama and action to a Roleplay. His antagonists are what really pop out, always having a reason to be bad. I really reccomend you to Roleplay with him when you get the chance! - Ari_The_Ant
Wow....Just....Wow. Skip is one of the more detailed RPers I've played with and it's just...stunning at the amount of work and feeling he puts into each post and character. I absolutely LOVE his villains. Always just as cruel, yet to the point. Skip is of those people that you can't just let pass by. - GoodTailsDoll

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