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Hello, my name is Sky_Wolf136 but you can call me "Sky" "Wolf" or if we're close friends, you can call me by my actual nickname: "Liv". So that you get to know me better, here are some things I like and what types of roleplays I'll do:

Movies/TV Shows
    Star Wars
    The Hobbit
    Lord of the Rings
    How to Train Your Dragon
    Stranger Things
    Hazbin hotel (short movie for 18+, scroll down for YouTube link)

    Stephen King
    Any other fantasy/horror books

    I love to draw
    I love to read
    I love sleeping in
    I love dogs
    My favorite mythical creature is a dragon
    I have a dog and a pet lizard
    I love coffee

Types of RPs I'll do

What I don't like in RP partners
    Rude comments
    Controlling my own characters
    Being ghosted without any explanation at all

Link to Hazbin Hotel on YouTube (18+ ONLY!!!)

There will be times that I cannot reply for a few days or weeks on end (especially in the new year, I've had a lot of family drama and issues and will try my hardest to make time for you), but I will either let you know beforehand, or I will explain whenever I can. I will not intentionally ghost you and if I get bored of an RP, I'll let you know. My timezone is US Eastern if you need that information. I look forward to roleplaying with you and thanks for taking the time to read this! ^w^

PS: my Discord is Funsize#1603, feel free to message me whenever!

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