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Ello! Welcome to the wonderful page all about me!

Update: Having a tough time getting back on track, but im doing my best. :) Please be patient!


Current Availability: Now Available!! Im in 6 different role plays right now and would welcome any other roleplays with open arms. I finally finished cleaning out my inbox and deleted some ‘gone dark’ roleplays, so I now have room! :3

For those who I am currently in a role play with, my replies might be slow. This is because of college, my poor sleeping schedule, and just plain life, but I’m getting better at time management XD. Unless I am having a really bad day, you will most likely get your response at least once or twice a day! :)

What I’m Into: Oh, I enjoy all sorts of role plays, but my favorites would have to be, romance, (definitely. I am a hopeless romantic. XD) Adventure, combat, and modern day roleplays.

About Me: (Not my real name of course) But my name is Sky or Skylar. I am a 19 year old college student, studying criminal justice and police science. I come home to 2 of my favorite doggos in the world and have a half-time job. (Plus volunteering :o)

My Characters: My characters are all shown- none are anonymous. It would be great if you’d check out my characters! Some of them are still being worked on, but most of them are done!

You like short films? In my spare time, I usually enjoy watching short films on youtube XD Here are some of my favorites, that aren’t too gory;
Favorite short film #1
Favorite short film #2

Last Updated: 12/20/19


Rave Reviews

Skylar_Woods is the best at what she does and what she does is RP. She comes up with the best replies and really gets into character. She has a very creative mind and a good imagination. If you are lucky enough to get to RP with her you are in for an adventure of epic proportions. - MestStrauss
Can we just take a moment for this gal? She is beyond amazing when it comes to keeping plots really interesting. If you are looking for something unique, then I recommend checking out Skylar_Woods. She replies within reasonable times and never leaves you hanging. I'm happy that I found her posts and have now started two different roleplays with her. Is it bad to say I hope they never end? - Roueg

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