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Ello! Welcome to the wonderful page all about me!

Update: This is a tough time for everyone! Please be patient and stay safe!!


Current Availability: Not
Im in 6 different role plays right now and would welcome any other roleplays with open arms, but with everything going on, 6 is enough for now! But feel free to PM about a possible future RP.

For those who I am currently in a role play with, my replies will be slow. This is because of everything that is going on currently. I’m sure you can understand. :)

What I’m Into: Oh, I enjoy all sorts of role plays, but my favorites would have to be, romance, (Definitely romance... I am a hopeless romantic. XD) Adventure, combat, and modern day roleplays.

About Me: (Not my real name of course) But my name is Sky or Skylar. I am a 20 year old college student, studying criminal justice and photography. I come home to 2 of my favorite doggos in the world and have a half-time job. (Plus volunteering :o)

My Characters: My characters are all shown- none are anonymous. It would be great if you’d check them out! Some of them are still being worked on, but most of them are done!

You like short films? In my spare time, I usually enjoy watching short films on youtube XD Here are some of my favorites, that aren’t too gory;
Favorite short film #1
Favorite short film #2

Last Updated: 3/23/20



Rave Reviews

Certainly a good RPer, one of the best I've known so far quite honestly. She often replies in a very reasonable amount of time and plays out her characters very well, whom are often very interesting! I'd certainly recommend her for a good story! - Thundershock125
Skylar is such a fun person to roleplay with! They have beautiful responses and are crazy kind! Honestly, everyone should roleplay with them! Keep up the good work, Skylar! - FlamingPsycho

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