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Remember kids:
top =/= dom


I love...
Dark themes

What this looks like
Bad things happen, especially if it's a horror. Characters may be "bad people" with struggles, strange desires, and ghosts from their past; but life isn't hopeless. There's still room for fun and happiness, even if it manifests in strange ways.

What this may include
Depression, trauma, mental illness, bullying/hazing, crime, internalized homophobia, addiction, struggles with shame, sexuality, meaning, existence, and identity, etc.

What that doesn't look like
Bad things happen and continue happening, nothing really improves, and sweet moments are few and far between. (AKA grimdark)

What I'd rather not include
Shallow murderhobos, violence for the sake of violence, normalized sadism, politics, war/military, mass amorality, bleak dystopias, bad ends, etc.
Magical worlds, modern or otherwise.

I avoid...

AKA play-bys or photos of real people like celebrities, actors, and models. I avoid these because they make me uncomfortable and often come hand-in-hand with a lot of gifs, which can be seriously overstimulating to me.
If that's the style you enjoy, I won't look down on you. I just want to be upfront.
Canon characters
Historical settings

I don't look back on history with much fondness, and I am especially disinterested in themes of war and systematic* racism, sexism, and homophobia.

That said, I'm open to fantasy settings with historical themes, especially a historical fantasy that draws inspiration from somewhere other than Europe; not including Russia, because... because.
I want to emphasize "systematic" because I can enjoy exploring some of those themes when they're less extreme or kept on a smaller scale, like a character flaw. I just don't want my boy's life to be at risk because he's gay.
(More under "dark themes")


This is virtually non-negotiable. I have one character, and he wouldn't be the same without magic and fantasy.

There is no chance my twiggy boy would willingly sign up for any kind of adventure, guild, or school that revolves around fighting. (Unwillingly, however... That might make for an interesting RP.)

That aside, I'm just a bit wary of anything too combat-focused because I struggle with both writing and enjoying it. I can do a sloppy, emotion-fueled fist fight, but something with higher stakes that requires tactics and experience? We're dead. Besides, I can't find any motivation to care when the only result is getting stronger, or proving to other people how strong a character is.

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