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G'day! Welcome to this platypus's corner of the RP world!
I mostly go by Vel or Velvet here, but feel free to call me Platypus if you like! This Aussie will pretty much respond to anything.

I mostly RP my characters on the platform Furcadia, in the dream of The Golden Tether, so if you see any of my characters drifting around there, don't hesitate to poke me!

On that note, due to my being Aussie, my timezone is likely gonna be different than yours, so do forgive me if don't happen to be around regular hours.

Rave Reviews

SleepyPlatypus has to be one of the most nice, genuine people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting on Furcadia. I love her no-nonsense approach to drama and I definitely respect her for it; not only that, but she's a fun, delightful person to talk to, with an amazing sense of humour to boot. Thank you for taking the time to speak and roleplay with me! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Vinters
Gideon is a ridiculously gorgeous Jackal that by all standards, should not exist. I have had the blessing of playing with him on multiple characters and every interaction has been an incredible one. From investigating a mysterious rash in questionable places, to becoming puddles on the floor in a drug fueled haze, to drinking at the bar and getting a piggy back ride, you'll always have a different experience with sweet Gideon! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - BrandyCat

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