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Hello everyone.
I'm a 24 y/o girl from Denmark who likes to RP.
I RP in Danish or English.
I've been roleplaying since i was Around 13.
I'm really not into group-rp, but i'm up for a RP in PM
I do fantasy, but i can also do realistic.
I like, if there's romance included, and the roleplay to be exciting.. maybe with some drama and action included too!
I feel mostly comfortable (speaking of fxm roleplays) playing the female, or if we both roleplay one of each sex
I don't expect you to reply every ten minutes or every day, but I'd like to know if you tell me if you get bored or won't reply for a period of time (of course I'll do the same), since it's not much fun waiting for a reply that never arrives. I don't like gore or sex in the rp.
I can also do rp based on a specefic videogame or anime, depends what we have in common.
My wish is to have a long term rp-partner, you know have the options to finish a rp the same way as a story in a book. I don't write 10-20 lines! I write around 2-6 lines.

That's it! I'm sorry if my english sounds bad, but send me a pm if you're interested or if you have some ideas :D

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