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Hello, and thank you for coming by my profile!

I have been roleplaying since about 2011, and have developed a few wonderful worlds in that time along with many characters to fill them, that I hope you'll come to interact with!
As far as my writing preferences, I'm a bit of a stickler about realism, which shows through in my scifi verse, Human Salvation, and the plot themes of my fantasy verse, Pavisnea. I've grown up always fascinated by the workings of physics and chemistry, and more importantly, electronics and machinery. I've always incorporated it into my life and my personal styles and hobbies. So, it tends to bleed through in my writing as well.

My preference for roleplays length is a few paragraphs usually, but if the story's good, I really don't care how little or how much each reply is. The content is what matters, and while I appreciate some good wordsmithing, I think good writing comes from one's ability to plot or even improvise a strong character and story.
Personally, I prefer to get to know people I write with, but I'm often abrasive and critical in my opinions. That being said, I will always give something a try once!
I'm currently in coding camp, so this isn't my main focus, and I even quit the site for a while. But, feeling a little creatively dry, I'm at least poking my head back into RPR for a bit. Obviously my brain is working in a lot of 1s & 0s, and given a lack of drive for my scifi stuff, I've opted to temporarily retire Pavisnea, and I'm a little hesitant to touch Children of E'soi. But, if some deeply world-built scifi with absolutely 0 arching plot interests you, Squad-56 is available in my characters. But, mostly my focus right now is on Our Hollow World, the hacker ring currently lining my character list. It just feels comfortable and I can keep my attention on one set of character arcs and lore rather than jump around between modern, star-fairing, and feudal fantasy.

Rave Reviews

!!! So!!! Chesh??? Is literally the best? I mean we haven't gotten a RP yet because we both keep on getting distracted so big rip to the both of us uwu. But she's a top tier waifu and even topper tier-er RPer!!! She has a lot of love for her characters n her world, I just know it!!! She's wonderful to talk n chat to n a great listener, and the best katto in the world! <3 - Kamui
Chesh is an absolute delight! I really just wanna wrap her up in a bow, cause she's a gift. XD But seriously, she is! Chesh is so freaking nice, but at the same time if you're a friend she can hand out some amazing burns. In group voice chat, we get up to massive shenanigans and it is the most fun. Chesh also has a wonderful world that she is building called Pavisnea and with her mind, wow - you're in for a treat. <3

This woman is a treasure. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Demilicious

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